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Jeff Stein. Filling in for Todd is, he noted on the socials. Today he's on the DL for a couple of days. All is well. He'd appreciate your good thoughts, but nothing to be concerned about Stars Nation and the team Todd down at the home base and Memphis taking care of everything. That we need to have a good conversation with you. Now All we need is you join in. Just this bomb from Arkansas did in the last half hour 8447478868. Same number. You used to the chance to use it. 84474788681 of the things that has struck me and it has been true for a while. This is the disintegration of our current political parties. And I think it is only more pronounced now after this election. And this is sort of a pox on both their houses thing because Democrats may sit there and say All right, fine. Looks like we're going to get the White House. We cheated fair and square as it were. Got away with it, so we're living large. Have you noticed the majority in the U. S house? Yes, it's a majority. But last I checked if all of these appointments that the Harris Biden administration is making, and yes, I said that that way on purpose. If all of the appointments out of Congress, current members of Congress come to pass well, fancy Nancy is only going to have. I think a to vote majority unless they steal one from Iowa, and we may discuss that tomorrow with Congresswoman elect on that topic, But the bottom line is she lost seats in the house and barely has a majority. Take a look at the U. S senate. You know what's at stake there. Republicans have the majority, depending on how things go in Georgia one week from today, they'll either have that majority continue. Or it'll be 50 50. And frankly, a Republican majority of 50 to 48 is hardly anything you can count on given How easy how easily some of these Republicans Just peel off so they can feel like they're socially acceptable. So this is one of the situations where you look at the parties and they are just so fragmented. Thinks is going to be a crazy quilt that Biden is going to use to governs. They're not gonna be happy. There are factions in that party ripping it apart, and the Republicans have no better. The old school folks think if they get rid of Trump, they get their party back. They've got a rude awakening. As I think Bob from Arkansas, different Bob same Arkansas, though still listening on the powerful K A. R N calling in now to the top star in show Hello, Bob. Jeff Stein filling in for Todd. So as far as you're concerned, the Republicans need toe. Gonna tighten the belt a little bit and get a backbone? Yeah. But Jeff is I've told Todd before. There's no one in politics Conservative enough to suit me. I guess you hate to call myself a right winger. But Just take is pretty simple. But my wife and now we're talking the week or two ago, and we're trying to give the Democrats and select, you know, they watch CNN and all these liberal stations. And that's all they see. They don't say what I'm looking at what she's looking at. So that's why they have a different viewpoint. And so I explained my wife. You know what? Maybe it's because we're not watching that, and we're watching concerned, Baby. We're seeing all this. Maybe we need to start watching it and we could take life a lot easier because then we can accept what's going on. Because after all those 50 out of 51 ports refused to even listen to the evidence that we thought was legit. Apparently, it may not be. Maybe it's just because we're listed too conservative radio and television programs that we have got the wrong Idea of what's going on out in the world. What do you think about Well, you know, it's interesting you mention because I simply I spent some time on the weekend surfing back and forth on the various channels. I was trying to get information about what was happening in Nashville, and so I was going back and forth to the various channels. And I was struck when they switched to a politically motivated conversation. How absolutely different. It is right. It's near literally night and day listening to CNN. Talk about something listening to news, Max talk about something. And frankly, I understand what you're saying. If you're a person who only watches CNN. Well, it's pretty easy because they act like they've got all the answers, then it's pretty easy to see how somebody might. If that's their only world view, my why they might be kind of co opted in that direction. But I had never been a fan of just watching one channel, for example, I've never just wanted to watch Fox News. I would watch the other channels because I got to see what they're telling their audiences. Right. You can call it know your enemy if you want. But you're exactly right. You've hit upon something, Bob, Very various stewed. And that is when one side is being preached to Consistently with that same message. Of course, that's what they're going to hear. Now. Here's the question. How do you get people to hear another side? In other words in such a polarized society? How is it that you get people to hear more of what you're watching or listening to me? Do you talk to people? Your friends of yours? You and your wife and say, Hey, Have you heard that Todd Starnes guy on the radio or hey, maybe you should watch this show on television. Do you have those conversations? Or is this a topic that sort of off limits? Among people in place society these days, we do is some but not enough, Apparently not enough, but it's hard for me to believe that half of this country Is for socialism. That tells me that the only other stations that I don't and won't listen to you. I don't care. I mean, I don't share your thoughts on that. I don't want to listen to the enemy and they are the enemy. So we know that for a fact. But How could there be there? Many people that don't not know what socialism and communism is to where they're okay with it. Something is not right out here. It's not taught accurately. It's not taught accurately in schools, and I can tell you this is someone who taught at the college level for 25 years and I went into it. As a very young person. I went into it, and it just seemed neutral. That's when I had been led to believe. But over the last 10 15 20 years I saw a change before I left. I saw a change in. It was not overt, if you well, it was not people in the administrative offices of a university, saying this is what you will say This is what you will do. This is what you will teach. But it was Maura the whole mindset of sees people over here who are advancing professionally. You'll want to be like them. And they all have that same mindset. This is full indoctrination. In that respect, I'll tell.

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