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Probably find a way to weasel out i just there was no group there was no club to which i wanted to be a member this was the first disciplined the first organization because it is a very militaristic organization the kitchen brigade the first people whose respect i wanted in the first time in my life that that i went home feeling respect for myself i mean i'd work was very hard work you had to be there on time there were certain absolute rules and for whatever reason i responded to that it was a mix of chaos but also considerable order that i guess i needed at the time you know they they there's a joke or the audio i found a home in the army or i found a home of the circus i i met circus folk who who i felt was a subculture i wanted to be part of and i i was willing to work very hard to be part of it it's interesting that you described the discipline because a lot of what people think of restaurant people is a really wild hedonistic lifestyle the hour after hour stuff that goes on forever edits route it is factory work in the sense that the religion of any successful more busy restaurant is consistency you have to do the same dish the same way and on time i was a happy dishwasher i jokingly say that i learned every report lesson all the most important lessons of my life as a dishwasher in in some ways that's true thomas keller the great chef talks about how happy he was as a dishwasher would he talks about the magic of discovering that you put this line the dishes up you push them in the machine and they come out clean every time there's something very comforting about that and i you know there was something there were things i just had to do and when i did do them well enough i received approval and i liked being i still like being at the bottom of a steep learning curve i liked being the worst in the kitchen and struggling every day to earn respect you know and and status within that hierarchy with but but it is a very organized thing i mean knowing lasts in the restaurant business who does not present there part of an order which requires many people on time you it's a it's.

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