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And she meets gentleman named chris. Bledsoe who is pretty amazing in terms of the Contact experiences he's had and he's Been kind of well documented. He's had these experiences not just himself. But with others of in his family and others not related to him manifesting different phenomenon. All this kinda stuff so she gets really interested now and she goes to a conference in silicon valley and makes jock belay and he kind of tours around silicon valley which is like a dream. Come true her. She goes to the desert in nevada and finds his guy who actually reverse engineer space junk that he finds through this means of kind of this metal detector. That he's rigged up again. This is you know. Dr dianna wasp asaka. She's got all the credentials and she hasn't given up any of those credentials. She's sharp person. She's not a wingnut here but as part of her book which reveals is this hidden college invisible college in jack. Ma i think is responsible for if not pointing the term kind of popularizing. It doesn't matter fact. She's at a conference when somebody stands up and says make some kind of question or something like that and another person cross room says. Hey we're not supposed to talk about that. That's not allowed. And one of her colleagues who she directly knows is brought into the invisible college receives a note and he says okay. Kind of fight club bank. I rule fight fight club is we don't talk about fight club but he becomes an insider in this has to do with You know basically et kind of stuff. But i think the same is true in in parapsychology in the sense the point i always point out. Is you know the m. k. Ultra project which allowed people realize it's m. k. Ultra but stargate the remote viewing project. You know if you go read if an interview. I read Interviewed joe mc monocle secret spy number zero zero zero remote viewer looking at russian submarines when he shows up and he meets russell target how put off. They are not. They're not trying to hammer out whether materialism exists whether there is an extended they are so this is the seventies. They are so far past. That i mean they're light years in front of that..

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