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Day of the work week right now let's get you home five eleven from your mate this discount tire traffic center expanded traffic and transit now he's Greg right now let's start in Jersey where we've got issues will start on seventy eight these berada mascot now towards the area of exit forty three because of earlier issues garden state parkway still self and slow down at Irvington to court counselor also slow north to one forty five and south down again for Paramus and two eighty seven it is a self and slow food down for ride out of Bridgewater all the way to the garden state parkway to get rid of broken down eighteen Wheeler this is Jersey bound on of the gospels bridge the mess all the way back towards the end okay well short of the outer bridge when you can you should be a Brooklyn built all bunched up either way over to Dave three here's what you need to know about the rest of the bridges and tunnels avoid the white stone either way queens down there's a wreck Colin subject to closure that's why the queen's found Throggs neck getting worse even though it's still better than the white stone the queen's been RFK tougher closer towards queens because of an earlier issue inbound George's find the west side the toughest way out from the nineties on up everything is some sort of slow just not awful link in twenty and ten out Hollenbeck ten and fifteen on the outbound go Mario Cuomo bridge also in pretty good shape punch the worst of it in Westchester that's where you're going to want to stick with the New England Thruway traffic and transit every ten minutes on the ones breaking traffic alerts whenever they happen I'm Greg rice on ten ten when I G. and now the ten ten wins accu weather for day forecast here's meteorologist Brian Thompson with this live report and.

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