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I am proud like we you know we know how to get a show cancelled right now we don't do the show just doesn't go away we take down the whole network with us so three three idiots from new jersey we had fourteen seasons matt it was it was so much fun to do but it's tough getting back on now because like all the tv executives are thirty year old hipsters you know so if we wanted to do that edm show we'd probably be back on tomorrow but none of us know anything about that music we're all metal heads we're all middle aged dudes from jersey you know how long have you been on a standup stuff over twenty years now and you're a communications major in college yeah dumb question i've asked before the people who had the same degree you do but i've been hitting it with so many steel chairs it's like asking a new question for me what do you do when you get a degree i mean what are they teach us far as communications that mean you could be like a radio dj or television personality what you know what it was just a generic kind of major where i was like you know like probably pretty much do any i knew it was going to be into entertainment how i mean really the only thing you learned in college is how to choke beer which you're an expert so you know other than that it was just learning how to live on your own and do your own thing and i just i wasn't really sure what it wanted to do is on the radio at the college but i always love see i always love stand ups and i always loved hard rock and metal you know and so when i when i i played in bands in high school but then i just realized man it's just like it's the real housewives no matter how much you love your bandmates.

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