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To Fox News State Senate leader Del Marsh clarifying comments about Corona virus Aniston Republican coming under fire after saying he hoped to see larger numbers of infections. I want to see more people because we start reaching it in immunity. If more people have it and get through it are snail says he could have done a better job expressing himself David Porcher choice the world words on my end, but the ultimate what I was trying to say people wouldn't look at There are very few choices we have. Ultimately, if there's no vaccine herd immunity is the only one. I can think of this eventually gonna take wise. But the state health officer, Dr Scott Harris says it's unclear whether herd immunity even exists for this virus. I'm Jim priority. U S Attorney J Town is resigning Town says he's extremely grateful to President Trump, calling it an honor to serve in the administration. Count, says he's joining the private sector. Attorney General Bill Bar saluting town, saying his contributions to the DOJ have been extensive. A Daphne restaurant that reportedly refused to serve police officer says it is fired and suspended. The employees responsible. The five guys hamburger franchise temporarily closed to train employees and customers service The company says the actions and sentiments of a few employees and Daphne do not represent five guys or the local franchise. Daphne Police praise the restaurant, saying it did an excellent job with its investigation and response. Jefferson County is approved hazard pay for sheriff's deputies and others. The county's paying employees an extra $50 per day retroactively for work that occurred when most people were under a stay at home order. Birmingham Legion Football Club host Memphis in a match on Wednesday on Ly 2000 fans allowed at the soccer team's opener mask will be required social distancing will be in place. I mean Gene or Belle, and this.

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