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Stephen, a Smith join us, you know, in the morning show Steven a. as you watched the game last night and you know, obviously there was a lot of not necessarily a lot of turnovers, but there were turnovers in a game where it seemed like it was easy passes is just miscommunication on the Lakers part. How long will it take you think for the Lakers get all on the same page while listen, you know you like I definitely needs to be before a full, which obviously it will be, I think. And I think by the time Christmas rolls around the new year, I think you'll see them at that up. Significantly and it's not just about LeBron it's the combination of LeBron with rod, though on the court and then mentally LeBron with Rondo and Magic Johnson. I think that the Lakers are in a unique situation where you have guys upstairs that can teach the game, and then you have guys on the floor that can peel from that and further teach to game. Usually you have one or the other. In this case you have both. And so when you look at it from that perspective, I definitely think that helps a lot of guys and it's not like everybody needs it. Kouzmin Ingram just have to hit shots. But in the case of of Lonzo he's learning as he goes along continuous call, we'll poke to some degree is learning how to fit in because you have so many bodies around you. He's going to have to play a different world every night, but he's also gonna have to figure out a way to get going because they need his offense. You. A score in the Western Conference. You not gonna win games scoring in the eighties or the low nineties and telling you that right now you're going to have to put up and in order to do that, there's a level of aggression that LeBron is going to have and he'll figure that out, but he's going to have to have an elevated level of aggression and you're gonna have to get perimeter shooting to space the floor for your other non shooting. God's to make things happen. That means Ingram, who's MMA heart are going to be pivotal to the team's success a little bit about Ingram. Stephen, eh? Because in the second half particularly started to take the ball outside a little bit it some of those pull up jumpers and things like that didn't hitting two three pointers as you mentioned over four. But I, I have him as my most improved player selection. I think he's going to average over twenty points a game when it's all said and done and kind of slide into that natural number two behind LeBron, how could you think Ingram can be over the course of the season? I'm not sold on him the way you guys are in a way..

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