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Jer. I'm like a no asshole person. That's my thing. Just like no assholes. I don't know that's a you know what honestly that's totally fine i can. I can understand your thought process on that and if somebody was going to give me an answer on which body part they don't want to go near because of germs. That's probably the most acceptable answer. It's definitely not feet. Jared kravis jerry. You're really not gonna suck on a girl's finger non the pandemic okay. It's not like i'm not real out fine. Can be thing. Jared your mom. You're listening if you're listening. Please turn this off for for this next thing though about to say please turn the radio off. Okay i'm going to be three seconds. Three two one from hooking up with a girl and she's like fingering herself then. I will put her fingers in my mouth for sure. No doubt not like crea- just to get it like a little wet for her nose. You go baby back on the table of jumping around there go like i need the fucking outside sources. Blew it up. come on my zipper. The sweatshirt is all we need in these parts. Says christ haircut. I will agree. Gabby made great strides. It had gabby has had quite the globe. There is no doubt you know. He's got the tattoos we understand. Why get any worse. I i will say though his eyes excuse about the pandemic is quite ironic seeing as he would just like make out with somebody in a pandemic but he wouldn't suck their finger. I'd rather suck fingers than suck say. Oh yeah the the germs on your fingers in the middle of the nfl are less than was in your mouth and nose fact to everyone is sanitizing. And everyone's hands are fucking bleeding from all the hand sanitizer we use. Why wouldn't you suck fingers right now right. You don't have to wear gloves out but you do have to wear a mask out like it's a great point. I mean yes your hands can obviously like they can can give it to somebody else. But like as long as your sanitizing. Your hands are pretty clean. Jared you have to wear a mask out because people are worried about what's coming out of your nose and.

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