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Also when it comes to squad to who someone a lot of Americans are probably familiar with comes to this whole, thanks giving tale as far as we know. He did. In fact, help out newly arriving settlers in the early sixteen hundreds as translator and teacher, showing them were to catch fish. And how to go corn? However, he was captured by the English and sixteen fourteen and sold into slavery over the next couple of years, he learned English and he did make it back to New England and sixty nineteen but by then the Pawtuxet tribe, which was his tribe had been wiped out by smallpox thanksgiving. Yeah. Right before he goes, celebrate with your family. Yeah. You can get drunk on wine and regale them with these fun facts. Yeah. The European settlers did really terrible things. They did. And we're not through. When the constitution was enacted, the continental congress called for a national thanksgiving. But then congress left thanksgiving to be decided by states in seventeen ninety eight some of which really didn't like the federal government getting involved in any religious observations, which again thanksgiving was for a long time a religious thing. Right. The south didn't really get into it. Like the north did. And it was the source of a lot of controversy more divisive than unifying, and this brings us to the mid eighteen hundreds when the north dominated the federal government and the country was more divided than ever during the civil war and it rings us to Sarah Josefa hail. She was the editor of the magazine goldies ladies book and also the author of Mary had a little lamb just for another fun to bit about her. And she thought that a national day of thanksgiving was just what America needed to unify. Okay. Sure. She had found the writings of Edward Winslow. One of the two attendees at the supposed I thanks giving who wrote about it who's record still survive and she wanted to revive this of note. The Boston clergyman who rediscovered and published writings labeled them the first thanksgiving. They were describing the first thanksgiving, but he did it kind of arbitrary. Yeah. She started publishing articles and recipes about it. A description of Turkey from the other surviving written record of the event convinced her that Turkey needed to be involved in this meal and beginning in eighteen forty six she started a letter campaign five American presidents five received a letter from hail president Taylor. President Fillmore president peers, president Buchanan, and then president Lincoln and more than one letter a piece, right? Like this was like at least once a year. She would send these letters. Yes. Yeah. She was very very determined and paid off or efforts were successful. When ABRAHAM LINCOLN declared that Thursday, November twenty six eighteen sixty three which was during the civil war as national Thanksgiving Day. He advised Americans to quote, commend to his tender care all those who have become widows orphans mourners or suffers in the lamentable civil strife and to. To heal the wounds of the nation. Hale also, really helped sell this idea that the first things giving was a beautiful love between the native Americans in the pilgrims. That version we hear elements school. Yeah. She was also the one who kind of cemented our concept of of the visual concept of the pilgrims that we learn in elementary school that whole black and white outfit and the whole thing. Yeah. It in reality. They would have been wearing like I mean, they were real poor. And they kind of been run out of England. They were wearing whatever they could Ford which was probably a wild hodgepodge of different colors and cheap fabrics. Yeah. I've always wondered about that. But Sarah Josefa hail real Victorian about stuff. Yeah. She was in dude. Her idea of thanksgiving meal did include Turkey and stuffing, but also steak pork mutton geese ducks chicken pie roasted vegetables, lots of gravy, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie. You know, I have to go on a brief aside. I lo- pumpkin and pumpkin pie. But my family is really weird about it. And they won't eat it. They've never had it. They try it have they had speed potato pie. No, okay. They've had soup potato casserole. And I told you that I, and it's it's become a source of contention because my view if I'm cooking the meal than they're stuck with what you give. I wanna eat it. Right. But they won't eat it. I did make one year..

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