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Show i'm jason whitlock and i'll tell you why there's a new protest the could turn the sports world upside down speak for yourself starts now it's friday and i'm so happy colin has started his friday early all right hello and welcome cowherd is out i'm joined today by fox nba analyst chris bussard fox sports radio host a godly and the founder of the big lead jason mcintyre starting san antonio guys were the drama around kawai litter injury appears to be growing tony parker who reportedly led a team meeting to convince quiet a play aired his thoughts on quiet injury today saying he recovered from a similar type of injury that was quote one hundred times worse and then he didn't even think about seeking outside medical advice like hawaii did i said this yesterday and i repeated again today the spurs or out of bounds and the more i hear from this they were out of bounds yesterday tony parker comes out and says even more powerful stuff today that means gregg popovich is out of bounds because no way tony parker is freelancing these opinions they're trying to bully and harass leonard back onto the court i think it's inappropriate for the players it popovich wants to do it if the training staff wants to do it but the players injecting themselves into this guy situation at this level would so much money on the line for this guy for this guy's health to be on the line everybody's body and health is different wreck just because tony parker recovered or his injury was worse doesn't mean he's a wild enter doesn't mean he puts the same kind of stress on his plays a different game than kawhi leonard i don't like this at all they need to stop the harassment of leonard don't ever talk about what i do with my money or don't talk about my family and don't try and tell me if i'm heard if i'm not hurt right those are those the rules that athletes in a professional locker room i am my own best doctor and i understand that.

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