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I don't remember his last name but a similar situation with him member he was in the closet us kept in a closet you'd think that stories like this would surface the media would be obsessed with them like we have been in each case because of the ineptitude and you'd think that there would be a sit down at the department of children and family services where somebody would say what are you people doing we cannot afford to have another dropped ball in the form of a dead kid let's get it together but it doesn't seem like that meetings happened is it because it's too big is it what what's going on because it's it's time for a complete audit of this department in l a county gary and shannon weekday mornings at ten kfi am six forty more stimulating talk one of our anniversary my wife really loves neil diamond i do too and so i took her to las vegas and i saw that neil diamond was playing but it was like neil diamond right so i got my wife good and buzz and i said hey i got neil diamond tickets neil diamond because it's yeah i said we're not good seats and she said where are there so they're like thirtieth row she goes you're fine that's great i can't wait and she's a buzz and so neal's up their planes because this is unbelievable neil diamond this is great and someone turns us because you know this is not neil diamond this is neil faux diamond deal damone yeah and she's like when are you going to tell me i wasn't going to tell you i was gonna you know let you believe that this was the real deal tim conway junior weekdays at six kfi am six forty four stimulating talk be four six eight one one seven nine three zero six four zero eight six eight three six.

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