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Text or chat on confidential and tofu headliner one 8 8 8 5 three two 3500 1248 Traffic and weather on the 8th we got a rob stallworth in the traffic center In a loop on the American legion bridge the far right lane and off ramp blocked at declared Barton Parkway causing delays back in Virginia as you leave the dulles toll road headed up to and across the American legion bridge in Maryland between urbana and clarksburg southbound to semi heavy approaching and passing one O 9 the brush fire activity before one 21 at last report was blocking the right lane It is extinguished but fire department was there blocking the right lanes out to 70 beyond one O 9 No problems reported on the antelope just delays passing university boulevard headed toward the ranch to go northbound onto I 95 north done I 95 starting to see heavy volume as you approach and pass one 98 headed toward the Howard county rest area travel lanes were reported to be available to you for traveling on the bottom of Washington Parkway north down your main slow leaving one 93 headed toward powder mill road inside the beltway northbound on the BW Parkway the crash reported to be near four ten possibly blocking at least one lane to watch out for that Otherwise if you're traveling on route 50 going across the bay bridge one morning still in effect so please keep both hands on the steering wheel the same goes for the hairy nice back Middleton bridge with the wind warnings there If you're traveling in Virginia new problem in falls church westbound route 50 Arlington boulevard and Graham road was a report of a crash Leesburg pike eastman after Glenn Carlin road That's where we had the crash reported to be near Charles street uncertain if that is still there not traveling I 95 shop down here on the brakes through newington across the aka Kwan down to one 23 then brief delays pass and Dale City headed towards triangle with traveling reported to be open northbound I 95 and I three 95 and join a good ride as you make your way out of Fredericksburg headed toward the 14th street bridge You're express lanes or in the northbound direction Take you to bristowe Bristol road closed between lucasville road and old church road for the downed wires That's some emergency work taking place there so use caution I'm rob Traffic Now to storm team four meteorologist Lauren ricketts We've got a blustery day in store as clowns continue to.

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