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I seventy one sixty eight providence admitted 55 to go at the gordon against washington seven and a half that closing number received thousands can cover that one in seventy three fifty one arizona leads cast a bakersfield laying 27 up 22 still eight fifteen to go in that one uh got you all the other scores from earlier outside of the only one i forgot to mention was florida one away to sixty eight by 40 over north florida laying 35 they got the cover of the closing number which won at five point it or good team this year mike white house down the florida mike what's a good coach no doubt about it all right uh andy iskoe now we go rapid fire to last 12 minutes here uh we're going to duck in a couple more college wounds so you don't even have to break down you could just give me what about ucla and as e southern cal favorite sixteen seventy one and a half you're gonna go over bunga i'm going to go over and this game has not been close the last few years it's been very much onesided uh you know this this game will make ucla seasonable at all they have the goods to do it because of that defence i could see i don't know that you as he will score in every position but they certainly have the ability to if i had around if i if i had to play the game iowa i would have to lay it rather than take it i mean if there's a game that i'm going to take a number like that i don't know if you get to it kalugin stanford i will take the number i would take the sixteen with cal i would lay the sixty with you a cnn that in those two pm jocelyne going back and forth from seven seven and a half are you can still find sevens out there you have to louis little jews wisconsin at home in madison now the weather initially was supposed to be rainy and and possibly snow flurries uh but now it's juicing that's can be very cloudy and windy fifteen to twenty five mile an hour wind gusts so that's always scary again you are you're in fez saying you know.

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