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So we could see a very hilarious kind of world where afc richmond is struggling for money and has to pander to local businesses or local sponsors or the kind of sponsors who are interested in seeing their name and the premier league. Because it's not happening right now so that could be funny and could be a thing we do. But there's an opportunity for an ugly fallout. I also want to go back to mars bars. Mars also in the discord posted a link to a podcast episode. That jason sued acres. Brendan hunt did with brunei brown. Who is a social worker. Professor researcher thinker. Somebody who. I didn't know very well before that podcast. I've only really heard the name. I loved that podcast. I wanna thank mars bars posting. That was from october of two thousand twenty. So it's from before the show was where the show is now. The show had blown up obviously but maybe not to the extent and hurt their take the way they talk about the show in that podcast is unique in very specific to some of the things that that professor has researched and some of the things that went into the show. It seems very clear to me that her research influence the writing of the show. They say as in that podcast. So it's a fascinating podcast. And i wanna thank mars bars. Were putting that in the discord. I would not have been able to listen to that if not so. Thank you very much for sharing. That and i encourage people to check that out. The podcast unlocking us. If you go into the podcast feet of it. You're not going to be able to find the older episode but it is on spotify if you have spotify which another itself is a terrible corporation to that point. Your friend in mind the great brooklyn's dead had been messaging me about ted lasso. They said that this was their favorite episode by far so far i make deserting by far but said said this has been my favorite episode of ted laso. What did they say. I love the rebecca. Norris stuff and how roy played into it and how kelly handled jamie and his interaction with dr fieldstone all the secondary pots. Really great this week. But the sam story line was just incredible in the whole team standing in solidarity with his protest in the way ted gave him a platform to speak about it to the press was also powerful and good. I look forward to seeing this build. It's interesting to see a show on a network like apple. Tv which is so connected to producing products not just a streaming service tackled. The idea of a corporation impacting country and the government's involvement in it. Yeah very salient points. Yes yeah i mean that an i are very much kindred spirits in that regard for sure and the foxconn the the iphone construction. The degradation just everything that apple has contributed to definitely not lost..

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