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In Yankee Stadium forty years as a vendor and other tales of growing up somewhat sane in the Bronx. Where are you pretty much have to hang out at Yankee Stadium? Oh, I think it's a law in the products. And yes, Stewart was a vendor for four decades always fortunate to to get a job there when I was a teenager and it lasted for forty years. Most of the vendors had other jobs because the games were essentially night games during the a lot of vendors were teachers one was an assistant principal. I remember. So it was a perfect second job for people in Stewart's case I went to acting school during the day. And then that kick started my acting career sounds easy the balancing act of balancing one job versus another and keeping your sanity have your physical health. It just was really focused a focus two and a half three hours of concentrated work is going up and down those steps and ultimately like any job a job. That's a physical job it just sort of catches up to you as you get older. And so I had to give it up but only after working twenty five hundred Yankee Stadium events more than Lou Gehrig. Joe dimaggio. Mickey Mantle or Derek Jeter. What's even more mazing? Is that when I left there were fourteen guys that had worked more games than me? And a few of them are still there something else Stewart j sully realizes credit cards or anything for vendor. So you make the sale and you turn in your cash the end of the night, and I tallied it up and threw my hands. I made. Change over four million dollars by life in Yankee Stadium is available from Amazon the vending game. And our next report tomorrow at this time, the offbeat I'm Jim Bohannon America.

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