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All right you're going get to the next thing get to the next thing which is of course the most important storyline conference tracy mcgrady has been trying to keep me down because you know wait what oh my god i'm gonna cry i'm gonna cry hey watches back bigger than ever people on just going to enjoy them using the two again let me reinforce its hey watch it's not hey back it's about waiting and watching to see if maybe maybe it's worth it to try to bring gordon hayward back if he can run because he hasn't been writing those videos we've seen lately ak look there was no point bringing back once kyri got hurt if they make it to the finals you're telling me that there's no no nothing no so we can watch even if you're selfish fair gordon hayward post busboy acts of the coming lebron's so maybe maybe they wait the next series you won't go to hayworth exit come this coming rap we watch and wait and see traces just won't even speak to me i wanna do a service to vote hayward then the franchise we don't need to be doing he's been to enough all year let's let let shit out you're going to have hey watch all gonna have this all some who still they got the music they got the music tracy at the buzzer nick collison a letter to with rice yang announcing his retirement after fifteen nbc's is really beautifully written it's on our website russell westbrook made sure the okay see fans get costs huge props river at the end of the season i'm gonna remember him for his reliability and his halloween costumes what will you remember him for.

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