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She was call it that she's like oh added where he got so many extra soaps from the maid's yup i am voc the maids do yeah so then is she yes so she's a law a so many times assist to really difficult it's just so difficult you've been dating eight weeks eight weeks it shouldn't be difficult here another ari we like less because they weren't even really dating them i think they search other fivetimes said entire well i counted like after the show since the show's been over to a like okay okay so as we've seen each other probably a handful of times what how're you having knockdown draggedout fight thursday may hada i know that if i be unhappy with the is said you're but you are so right about her name he loves it you know so sick and she's like well you know we hit each other but were willing to make it work flicker jeez so that nick comes out way like 'cause i i mean america oh yeah okay we'll get to that part of yasser netcom a yes she's like oh good to see you nick ut so great to have my family here i don't know why it offends me so much but it's almost like she's threatening people with her family you know oh yeah we're we follow traditions uh we are traditional family unlike nick with his mother with his dangling earrings father crying about things.

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