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A better relationship with a look broad alienated have these things that are going to be talked about that are going to be written that's what it sees in such a nightmare for cleveland because they could end up losing a ball said they don't just lose the golden state in the finals they could lose the border before you get to the part of the matter of fact i'm here to tell you the only thing that will be worth till abroad james of losing his sixth nba finals is to lose before then took hurry because nobody will ever let them live it down and those are the kinds of things that could tarnish your reputation and your resume because you are associated with joe own demise because of something so simplistic and so fundamental that is cultivating a relationship with the ultimate side kick a guy that bit the finals averaging twenty seven or better unity to do that that's a problem the cadillac eight games on national tv by more than eighteen points and they've got one tonight fellas but we got more to get into here the raptors make it a huge statement in the race for the east last night blowing out the celtics won eleven to ninety one toronto is now just one game back of boston for the top spot in the east max or the raptors now the team to beat in the eastern conference though the celtics or or at this moment the celtics are now the rafters i like a lot maasai jiri is a brilliant gm who actually gets down there in works with players and brings out the best in them but recall jiri was the gm in denver and you think about like homecourt advantage slow like these fall where the dimensions of the field you might say oh we need a lot of lefty power hitters were we need pitchers because we've a big outfield four football golden stadium where we're a cold weather stadium how do you really take advantage of homecourt basketball that way jiri did it in denver there are a mile high right.

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