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A is help federal employees choose possible for over 80 years more at G h j dot com I'm Rob Stole worth w T o P traffic. Now let's check in with Storm Team four. Meteorologist Lauren Rickets little dose of rain last night, but that rain is out of here. We could have a spring core. Fleury catch a ride on this Northwest win. It's breezy Northwest wind, But other than that, we're staying drying winds. The main story today gusting up to about 40 Miles an hour temperatures today right around 50 some areas staying in the forties. Some means we've got a little bit of windshield thirties and forties when settled down after 8 P.m. Tonight under Clear skies is temperatures fall twenties and thirties and then we're right back in the low to mid forties. Tomorrow we will have some sunshine around for tomorrow's still little breezy, but not quite as windy tomorrow Wednesday about 10 to 20 miles an hour Now we do have a small Small chance of seeing a few snow showers as we head into early Monday morning. If it does amount, anything, it'll be less than a half an inch otherwise, partly sunny on Monday temperatures in the forties breezy and Sonny on Tuesday. We remain in the forties. I'm storm team for meteorologists warn Records 48 degrees at Fort Belvoir 49. In fucking bottom, 49 degrees in beautiful downtown silver Spring and 50 degrees here. Outside the W T o P studios in Friendship Heights at 12 51. President Trump returns to the campaign trail today trying to ensure the two cent Republicans go back to the chamber. CBS News correspondent Chip Reid with a preview one day ahead of President Trump's visit to Georgia Vice President Mike Pence, campaigned in Savannah, hoping to reignite the president's based there to vote in the high stakes and run off for Republican senators,.

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