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The deal to renovate keyarena more from komos frank lenzi they will examine a memorandum of understanding between the city and the californiabased oceanview group the developer's plan calls for us six hundred million dollar renovation of key arena with a completion date of october 2020 that city council vote on the deal is not expected until december at the earliest komo news time eight forty time once again to get to the hell efa outta brokers sports desk tom hutyler ceos off at still missing in action after two weeks of the nfl season despite a twelve and i went over san francisco yesterday took more than one hundred twelve minutes of game action over the hawks one explore their first touch out of the year on russell wilson was nine yards to paul richardson was soto such to go and it took some magical maneuvering for wilson to get into that position a combination of his running a passing finally leading to seattle to score as for richardson he made the catch despite having an earlier copout fracture of his right ringfinger but came through the skin will sadat that was pretty impressive shows is tough us added b or c arrivers your finger sewn up into battle and come back in on that shows his courage and as so many guys like that cop constantly consistently our football team but that was a great example that tonight as for wolves's performance coach be carol little a little bit rough but i think that's caused by the mrs that we hear that area 450 we've got away from this i was high with a couple of balls rain in the balls going to go with somebody else and over the middle and i thought when we needed him to cut well let's go back to third third for almost fifty percent today that's what we're talking about in a red zone he threw a couple of balls overdose of us that we didn't get and he got another one so but more than all that the way he competed down the stretch i thought he was due to be for people bogin for us today seattle now one and one of the road gave a tennessee sunday mirror's inching closer the mathematical elimination for the playoffs that were swept by the astros over the weekend houston's a west division clinching seven one win yeah yesterday capped off a sweep seattle comes off for their final six home games.

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