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American military being on the yellow river writer cost of from them more so than having this this this crazy north korea with nuclear weapons in shouldn't china be nervous that that the united states will give the green light to japan to to to have their nuclear weapons an in south korean at for there's and that will not be good for china why are they not be more proactive here here while they uh first while they've done something save voted along with us in the security council to condemn uh north korea neighbor approved various types of sanctions and they started putting a bit of economic pressure i notice that sure i don't think they're that concerned about us being on the yellow river because i think we can there whatever longterm agreement we reach on the korean peninsula we can certainly a ranch to keep our troops and forces below the thirty eight parallel which is where they are now uh i think they're bigger concern may claim when i used to talk to them about it when i was in the state department is it if north korea collapses economically because of sanctions there might be a huge outflow of refugees from north korea to china so they they always maintain that they don't wanna see instability on the korean peninsula but they also i think are becoming increasingly more concerned about the fact that the north has now got nuclear weapons and uh and that they've got missile capability in if they can menu miniature eyes a weapon sufficiently ah you know skilfully so that they can put it all martos rockets they're not only a threat to us in japan and south korea but they could ultimately even be a danger to china itself so i think it's in the common interest of ourselves at china and all the countries in the region to work very hard together to solve this problem it's not easy there are no easy solutions so this is rich good good to have you on the show mr ambassador i e the thing that concerns me and i've been hearing these statements coming out of washington that this is an inability to negotiate a settlement that's the inability to have words as his inability to try and you know deal in a in a in a nonmilitary environment and and what i'm hearing that no this really isn't a.

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