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Wait. A couple of callers who couldn't hang on. They wanted to talk and they were quite upset that they comes. Moved Yu Darvish before the season. And me. Being a White Sox fan can only imagine how come fans felt when they did that. Because it does feel Brian when you give up a guy that was so good last year. Four. Like you said, a bunch of young players. That's a wife flying trade before the season that straight before it starts and you look at it. One guy was going to say that Darvish isn't that big of Darvish is five and one this year with 1 75 year, eh? That's pretty good. Yeah, it's not bad. Last year eight and three with a 2.1. So Darvish has figured it out after this first year, his first couple years with the Cubs didn't pitch all that much. The first year eight Nate when he came over and 18 that in 19 6 and eight with the 3 98, which still is an awful file. We know we if you watched it It didn't look like yourself 400 A. He was looked a little worse than that. But the last two years combined these 13 and four so he's doing. He's pitching. Well, the Padres having really good team. All right. E was sawing, Eric. Um One of the wagers on, um The service. I I used that rivers because they were the first one here in Chicago. So plus they had you put into 50 will match it to 50 size. I'm on fanduel and and MGM and okay, you could you could join six others and get All sorts of matches and bonus. So it makes it its tell us how valuable each customer is. Because if you do it unless you're listening to the ads, couple because I'm telling you, I'm not even kidding here. If you're listening to their place, and this is not easy to do. Carmen, Mike, Mike and Carm. I mean, they put a lot of thought. And I know Mike has some systems, everything else. They don't just throw stuff out there and hope it sticks their record right now. I mean, for the last two months is unbelievable. Yeah, they've been really good. Um, last night. I bet it was top teeth more than 1.5. RB eyes. It was plus 3 25. And he said, Okay, that sounds good. Earlier in the week, I had the same thing. It was a run scored and a stolen base. 18 50. Put $5. I think with 47 bucks. He had that like early last night. The game goes into the 10th inning. OK and Machado's at second base. The Padres are winning 3 to 2 in the 10th because they just going to run. And up comes Fernando Tattoos. What do they do? They walk him, so I went to bed. I go. Okay. It's 3 to 1. The 10th. Nothing else is gonna happen. What happened was the it was tied up, then the bottom of the inning. The Padres come up in the 11th and scored seven runs and top he says a sac fly. So I get a second. FBI while I was sleeping, so you're making money while you're saying that's the way it's supposed to be, isn't it? Yeah, you go to sleep, figuring it's a lost cause you wake up and you won 30 bucks or whatever, because there have been many times where you're sitting there and sweating out, especially, you know what's still the adage Life's too short to bet the under I don't need support. Yeah. So you're sitting there, you know some garbage three in a basketball game. Or, you know, there should be dribbling it out. And if Tony LaRussa was your coaching basketball you you would have to travel it up some dope decides. Well, I'm guy got the lane. I might as well just go ahead and get an easy basket just because And there goes your under by by one point or whatever. Yeah, so you can stay. You can stay up on beat yourself up and sweat it out or you go to sleep, and whatever happens, happens, You don't have to be watching right And that's that's what you could do what you're like. Like the biggest bet I made. I think, since I've put the money in, there's a $20 bet. I never make more than that. That's $5.10 dollars $20 the most. So let's live in the home runs yesterday since I was picking three or four put $3 at each because if they hit him You're going to get 30 bucks because of the way the odds were so real quickly before we get too bad on the phone. Let's go to the poll questions that we put up here. Adi s ad Twitter at ESPN 1000 most underrated White Sox pitcher for to choose from Aaron Bummer. Dylan sees Garret Crows Shane or Jose Ruiz and the most underrated Cubs pitcher. Some of these guys, you know, one of them. You may have recognized their name before the season. Rex brothers, Justin Steal Ryan to Pere or Dan Winkler. Those of the pictures for the Cubs for the white sacks. You can vote out that at on Twitter at ESPN 1000 Let's go to the South Side and Ben Ben what's happening today? Hey, Good morning, guys. How you guys doing doing great. So my question is or my statement some of quest somewhat question. If you know I'm on the Sox fan 100% true and true, the jerseys being my uncle, We're trying to figure out where we combine from yesterday. But anyway, that to the side, I think they're just steps, right? I think you're getting this June 5th. They're available. Pretty sure it's the first week in June. Yeah, I think so. Week. Why they I think you've done by him now. I don't know We're working on it. But anyway, I'm sure your explorer will let us know before we're out of here. On B. So I would I feel self somewhat bad for the Cubs fans because they're kind of like in between right now. If you had Lester and Darvish, and then you add the area to spend a little bit of money. You didn't know what this year is gonna be. So you're playing devil's advocate. If we had these guys will be way better. We be contending, But at this point right now, you don't really have a World Series team. So if I was Cubs fan I'll be like, Get rid of, or trade. Um Um, right, Brian and then the pitch. I s, uh not by is I would keep by us because of trade. The two guys, um, the two guys to rebuild you and you could be contender for year. I would love this contender for years. I would love to see a unhealthy Erie's I'm in my life. Oh, yeah. Unfortunately, I would love to see in Chicago. A beat on fire way more than the bulls in there. Six championships in the Bears and 85. I got to see all that. So I was just like one in like what? What do you guys really think of? What should that comes to worry about this year or worry about forever? Well advantage. It seems like we appreciate the call. It seems like they're worrying about the future. But you know it's difficult for Jed Hoyer. You know, you mentioned that, he said. We could be buyers and we get to the trade deadline and it's.

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