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In this at the other and i thought there's plenty of stuff to get too but this is a typo why so much time on the taepo but then also for rachel maddow why interested in their weiss there's plenty of good stuff the fine and there's plenty it play good stuff you can find on trump but what this is not to do with him somebody typed it up she kept going back to it and like hey if this could happen anything can happen it just seemed like my name's atom and somebody called me alan and i just had it to keep talking about like how bad that person was it doesn't feel satisfying for the person like i'm wondering and it probably didn't feel that satisfying to you after a while like i think of rachel maddow is is very articulate funny interesting composed probably put together a lot of funny interesting thoughts this is beneath her and others this spending twenty minutes on a typos beneath her she's got many so many more things to do i it must not feel gratifying to her and then i just wonder or rabi does but why would it like why wouldn't that igf has an when they said to me talk about barron trump he's going to therapy now because he saw the picture i just went idol that you saw the picture i don't think he's in therapy i don't know but i'm just i'm not interested well i think when when you look at their narratives being pressed and you see the same thing being said over and over again from me as a news person our instincts should be maybe look the other direction so yes some people should cover that 24hour news is going to cover the latest development and next winds z but shouldn't allow some of us at least be looking for the stuff no one's pushing out their forest to discover things that we're finding on our own through the reporting we do and the sources we have and the stuff particularly that powerful forces are trying to suppress that's that's the kind of stuff that i like to go after and i think there's some value in doing and at the end of cbs my time there i would get very frustrated because they wouldn't want these really good investigative stories that you convince poor whistle.

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