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And also, you know, it's far basically that you making and your steaming in a container, and it actually was much easier than I thought it was going to be without all the additives that I feel like gets in the way you also have in your book this great photograph of teach you how to cook rice. So how do you cook rice? And we'll what is your basic method with the knuckles in the water. The basic method is that you rinse the rice as you would you know, whenever you make rice. And then you you cover the rice with enough water. And so if you put your hand, very flat on top of the rice the water should come right up to your knuckles. Now, if you have really really giant hands. It will not work. But if you have relatively normal hands. It does work it does work and also it sort of relies on also cooking based on intuition. And and just really using your senses to know when something is done when something is is done right soil marinated, seven-minute eggs talk about this. So that's just a fun way that I used to eat eggs when I was little I do fess up somewhere in the cookbook that I was a picky eater. And that they used to call me the monster kit on Gibson because I wouldn't eat dinner lunch breakfast, unless ahead eggs on the table. And we went to visit some family members in the south. And that's how they did it they produce some amazing soya sauce. They made it themselves, and they just hard boil some eggs, and then they just put it in there to color, and it just gives it that Amami. You know, it's just mommy packs snack, basically..

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