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Air. Also watch out for delays. Still 95 North on that's having a Pontus Street to 93 canton, Laurie Grandi WBC's traffic on the three Take a look at the four day WBC AC You weather forecasts were in a groove here in Boston. We say good morning again to meteorologist in DeVore. Right. Everything takes awhile like there's no quick change to the weather. Remember, we held onto the clouds and those snow showers. It seemed for a couple of days too long, and now we got into the sunshine and it seems like we're writing at the wheelhouse again today with sunny skies. There was a little breezy this morning, so it's cold. I mean, it's definitely cold with this dry air so Real feels teens twenties, But then we'll get up to the low forties nominees much wind this afternoon. The winds stronger tomorrow more clouds mix in. We've got temperatures staying mainly in the thirties. A real feels mainly in the twenties, and then we settle back close to 40 with less wind. We go Sunday and Monday looks like that storm that we're watching for Tuesday. The modeling is a little farther away to our South Make. Stay away from us early next week, we'll keep annihilated. We go into the weekend on WBZ Boston's news radio. It is 26 degrees. Bright sunshine here in Boston. Good morning, 7 55 on the Ring Central News line on a Friday morning and we're looking pretty good here in Boston today and into the upcoming weekend. The moon new and more contagious Corona virus strain is found in Connecticut, while nearly two thirds of cities and towns in Massachusetts are now in the red zone for The spread of Corona virus more than 400 students and teachers in Massachusetts schools test positive in the past couple of weeks, and Massachusetts.

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