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With the payment providers and yes most recently, balconies have denied him biking services, which is really think an artifact of the way. The companies are taking risk most areas Lee. Now, there is perhaps the notes of kosher however, which is course she's tossed do have plans ties to the Christian legal centre who are notorious for. A Fulbright defense that that Klein's sarry accompany should be wary about their interactions with groups that are practicing conversion therapy. That coupes and has been some legal ramifications. Full those the have half. ties with of course, she's trust in her towns getting threatening letters. Central. We've been talking about illegal and we've been talking about things. Individual companies have done. Do you think that illegal balance the any satisfactory solution? What? What about the rights of Christian groups as they? Took some I think it is important that there is legal efforts to ban the practice Number one, it doesn't work. Not. Theory can cools lasting damage and when we look at Lowe's coming in Alpha basis, most of those directed towards banning conversion therapy for minors all where it is fraudulently off a tour to doubts. I think there must also be worked to educate the pool and tackle stigma around issues. At the end of the day confession therapy only has a hook if people think being. Rome, and if you take that away from them, you take then main tool. So of aging people to undergo conversion therapy away so I think it is important. Today does go hand in hand with outreach to groups as well playing devil's advocate for minute short they would say, well, you know we we don't do anything against people's will. It's just if people believe that. Heaven Sexuality is wrong. than. We offer some help for them I mean what would your response to that? So I think it is one thing to a treatment that doesn't work Frankie has there's lots of things you can go and buy return work I think it is particularly nefarious to offer treatment which they know doesn't work and it will soon now causes serious harm to people. Dowse higher suicide and depression south harm other things we've talked about I. Think at the end of the day they are providing a promise and it's not only morally wrong. Unethically robot much one day send legally wrong as far as the core issues. Trust Northern Ireland is concen. The National Secular Society has recently challenged. Am It's right tapped the status of charity unethical have various tax breaks. Organizations that promote conversion therapy HAMAS poetry religious should be able to keep that charitable status..

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