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I'll guess as mike cameron former centerfield in the major leagues play for a number of teams. And it son. Das- is now with the detroit tigers and he debuted on june tenth but the following night. Talk about your first major league home. Run a two run home run in the bottom of the night to tie game and send it into extra innings. How proud were you of that moment. No moments right there man so special because i know what it feels like. I know it if you have like you know for him to have that opportunity into actually Have some success at a moments that most people don't think that you guys are ready for whatever may be and so just the fact that he got an opportunity do that man and To help his team win ballgames in itself. It builds confidence in the players and Obviously you know the only thing i can tell them is like how proud of them. Because i know. I know what it's like. I know what it feels like. And i'm happy that he had some successful moments But obviously the bigger picture of the of the processes growth and opportunity growth in the game to find out if you can become that everyday players That your skill set so that you have so you know. I'm i'm so happy for him that he's getting opportunity. Now i'm happy day. You know univ- spurs homeless It's basically You know pitcher team up Against one best clothes in the league So i know it feels. It feels a lot of companies than you and understand that yields and planned to do it awful in detroit. That's that's a lot about you know the ability that you have with the no doubt about it. His name is mike cameron. The former major league center fielder mike man. We appreciate you on the podcast. Best of luck to your son and his baseball career. Thank you so much. I income rob. It's time for the pocket. Protector centrum the analytic numbers. You need to know well. Maybe anthony masterson is his name. Bs analytics is gay. What do you got for me. Anthony all star rosters were announced this past weekend. It any surprise that shohei ohtani made headlines again. He became the first player in. Mlb history voted into the game as both a pitcher and a hitter. Oh and will be competing in the homerun derby in denver as well just absurd stuff thirty. Four first-time all-stars as of the reserves announcement. This past sunday pushes the total number of all stars. Mlb history to one thousand nine hundred and to making show his achievement even more amazing in my opinion even though there are only two rookies currently on the roster youth is definitely served as vladimir guerrero junior at twenty two became the youngest player to be the league's leading vote getter by the fans and the youngest to start at first base since george boomer scott in one thousand nine hundred sixty six in the other league fernando totti's junior also twenty two his twenty seventh home run a monday night pushing his at bat per home run ratio to a tick over nine. That is the lowest by any. Nfl players in some guy named barry bonds. Back in two thousand four. He'll get his first. Start on tuesday at coors on the other end the yankees are all this cabin as era over twenty two twenty two in his last nine outings pushing his season era to four point seven one. That's the highest by any all star pitcher in fifteen years even with chapman slide. Baseball's best will be fully on display in denver next week taiwan walker of the mets didn't make the all star team despite basically carrying the pitching staff this season especially as jacob. Degrom has missed some starts with nagging injuries. Walker kept the mets in first place in the national league with dominant performances and which he had gone deep in games. Jr is it foul or fair to say that walker was a clear all star snob in twenty twenty one fair fair ball. I'm not one to complain about all star snubs because every year. There's someone who gets off. That is probably more worthy than someone who was put on usually from a very bad team just to satisfy this ridiculous role that everyone must be represented but taiwan walk up. The mets has clearly been a top-five pitcher probably in baseball season. In addition to that he's been the mets most consistent in available pitcher as jacob. Degrom has been in and out with injuries at miss some starts. The mets didn't miss a beat because of walker who was currently top ten. Era and wins for team has been offensively in that so we have seen with each of his starts. If you have is that he has been pitching under pressure the coming through every time. And he's the workhorse going seven innings often and he's been a big reason as anybody even to graham who can't get past five innings that the mets are in first place. It's almost a disgrace. That walk has been overlooked especially considering. He's an nlp. Bro and black pitches are as rare as mlb gain with no one strikes out. There's so many young kids of color pitching. Aau right now would be so inspired to see him on the mound for the mid summer. Classic and boy does taiwan walker deserving the other pitchers selected have decent numbers as well. But we all know that walker along with his partner. Marcus stroman had been the saving grace for the first place mets. And it's sad that his aerobics are being overlooked. Ain't.

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