Jackson, Moines, Obamacare discussed on FT Money Show - Inflation, Brexit-proofing your portfolio and investing in Germany


So when fide that which was okay well thanks very much there to govern jackson the ftc economics correspondent you can read or leave featured this weekend all you ready for rate rise in among section of the ft weekend newspaper or online from friday after dot com slash money wasting an asked me anything event on the evening of wednesday octavia 25th with all us investment called miss ken fischer fischer investments if you want to come gates f t dot com slash ken fisher events ticket cicilline few available which cost thirty five pounds including a glass of wine all too if you quit and v full terms and conditions ansett brexit preview investment portfolio is an enduring question and it's one that mike a curry investment directorate fidelity has tackled in her ft money call them this week gene joins me now in the studio to discuss woke micha thanks k c you made the point that there are two things which already weighing on investors moines's right now brexit the bad let's touch on the latter if investors worried about obamacare leeming around the corner what do yes will this fate to be worried about the end of the bull market we've had a bull market for eight years running now and invest is on increasingly nervous about an impending correction the short on says this very little that you candy because the fact of the matter is the initial stages or the final stages of the bull market are often the most profitable foreignbased based so you don't want to take all your money of the table tease seed you could miss some money into cash but as i say the new risk leasing aren't i think the most sensible option is t.

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