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I had a lot of partnerships and help in that area. So you know, I'd never run an organization before, so I learned quick on the job but had a lot of help doing okay. Is it difficult handling talent. Yes, it can't be. Especially when you come from up the road here with the Lakers where you know the expectations championship level so you, you leave that arena and you expect to win championships in the new arena. Yeah, and it's not that easy. You know when you talk about the understanding of what this world is and the the importance of how serious it is. It is. It is not only my life as an owner. Yeah, but it's a group of players who I now a steward of their professional career per se. I had a shepherd them through net only becoming pros and learning how to be a pro because it isn't a lot of ways new industry, right? I have to shepherd them into learning how to become champions and that that requires them understanding. Yes, they have talent. Yes, they have the skill and putting in the repetition to develop the the mastery of it. But you know, there's the on field and as the offi. All right. There's the in game and outta game on if you don't understand how to handle your money and understand out of hand. Critics and how to be a good teammate and how to be coach -able, all those things that go with any traditional sports, then you're gonna probably be out of a job, Rick Fox here and the rich Eisen show no names here though. I mean, 'cause you know, having been a player for as long as you were in the association. There's always those teammates are players where an owner ownership just roll their eyes and got to be kidding. I gotta deal with this. What's the craziest story of you having to deal with a gamer? Well, no name, no names. But you know, when you are coming up in the gaming industry, depending on your choice of game, a lot of times you hone those skills in a solo atmosphere, right? Where you hold them as if you were out in a gym shooter shots, get your shots, but then you're part of a team environment. So you have to learn.

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