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Just a scary moment rather than a true threat This list makes me jump with joy. It's time for the brains honor roll. This is the latest group of friends who've sent in questions. Drawings and mystery sounds to help fuel the show from Chicago. Liam Lillian in Lincoln from Cave Creek Arizona Matthew from Greenwich Connecticut Kagan from Charlotte North Carolina. Dan and Stevie from San Antonio Texas to needs from Cumming Georgia Brady for peabody Massachussetts Abigail from Akron Ohio Colin and Elliot from Saint Augustine Florida Roscoe Ward from Leander Texas Henry from Chicago. Alexander Zakin Abigail from Adelaide. Australia Lauren. For Marian Iowa Brianna from Yucca Petra from Portland Oregon Charlie from Brisbane Australia ally and Noah from Sydney Australia brand from San Luis Obispo California Elizabeth from Toronto Eaton and Scarlett from Cambridge Ontario Abe from Cambridge Massachusetts. Selena from Las Vegas Leland for Mayfield Kentucky. Hannah from northbound -Tario Graham Halifax Nova Scotia Adela and bliss from New Rochelle. New York Theodore and Sasha from Portsmouth Hampshire Shalom from Brooklyn New York Finn from Portland Oregon Celeste on the from Houston Inada from Jacksonville. Florida Holly From California William From Columbia Tennessee. George from Auckland New Zealand Owen from Davis California Ryan and Leeann from Savannah Georgia L. from Plano Texas Deakin from Brock Port New York. Jane Montclair New Jersey Izzo from Queensland Australia Erin from Cape Town South Africa Leeann Austin Texas Ethan and Ashleigh from Austin Texas from Arlington Massachusetts. Brian from Palm Bay Florida Brennan Jewels and Caroline from Cedar Rapids Iowa Britain William Fairfax station. Virginia Kediri from a story a New York Erie from Minnesota Liam Julian from Centennial Colorado banks from Helena Alabama Akio Kyw from wave under Lucius Spain Alexander from Pebbles Ohio Laura from Oakland California to cure from Dallas and adolescent from Arlington Washington. Uh brains on will be back soon with more answers to your questions soliciting..

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