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Thank you. Yeah and it was very funny leading for Star Trek because it's such an enormous huge universe now with all the stories they've done all of the series and to come up with two stories totally or never done before on a great honor and a great challenge and And funny because the inspiration for a hobby on stars working the booth fifty nine fiction writer on my first my first paid mentor which Theodore Sturgeon and I got no ten very well written of course to Great Star Trek. The original series. I'm a crime. And surely and he also written for Galaxy magazine in the magazines. Fantasy science fiction back fifty. And so that's why I got the germ of that idea to write about those guys who who wrote science fiction back there then for the love of it and you wouldn't have star wars and Star Trek. Those wonderful writers like head and our regret Brie and many of those wonderful writers and then Harlan Ellison Harlan was not offended. Mentor he He did a a cording little that he recorded about writing. During that era in the fifties Ray Bradbury and I know you're doing a memorial for him at the Convention I know you're probably gonNA say some things while you're there but just kind of What's your first memory of of Ray Bradbury's work you know it's funny i. I was reading from when kit and he actually gave a talk in the library when I'm ten years. And he was the first rider I ever saw person and is so impressed with and even then he was so alive and so warm and so encouraging and I remember that somebody said that then was for writer your life and your art and your work all come from the same place in this offense and I think that's when I first even even started thinking of becoming a writer and then in recent years over the last fifteen years I became very very good friend. And he's a terrific mentor and every month or so. I would go over to the house and we just didn't talk. What an honor that was and I'm a huge fan of his work. I mean the Marshall Chronicle for five lanes or mazing amazing books. And I'm I'm I'm glad they`re. They've been establishes classics and will live on and it was funny because I knew it was in poor health. I'd seen just a few weeks before he died and and yet when he died it was still such a blow because there was only one of him another one. I was so honored to get snow and just be someone inspired insurance work and we'll see where things lead. I mean I. There was a project and I wanted to do together. A mini series called Bradbury's Lost Mar based on twentieth. Aren't in the Marshall Chronicles and And I hope is doing natural kickstarter to down the road when base. Command is finished. And we'll see if that happens. I I really want to do that. That'd a nicer tribute to him. I think he would like that. Very much. That's That's one of the things that you were involved in your directed an episode. World Enough and time for a star Trek new voyages talked to Jim. Cawley about that project and I kinda look at. As the semi pro ball of Star Trek were professionals working with almost professionals on there and I thought that was very unique. And I the thing about those episodes of really has given characters like your episode was on a sue and really fleshed out a lot of his character with the alternate history and I really enjoyed that I. It's I know it's hot shooting on that bridge but I mean it's it certainly looks good and and the stories were certainly really cool to watch. Well Yeah I'm I'm very very of that. We'll nothing time. I wrote it and directed and executive produced it and Michael Visas Michael Right on. He also for next Gen and on an emmy for the for Batman the Animated Series Star Wars novels. Now writing books with Neil Gaiman and it'll be riding one of our men movies with me. Well worth one and it was great because I always wanted to work with Georgia. We met when I interviewed him for the twilight zone companion when I was working on that book in my twenties and I'd I long to work with him and when I found out about star trek new voyages which is now called. Cirque DU I remember the story line. Michael Lifson pitch to Archer case to win paramount with can do that show in the seventies and it's a great suitable episode and they end up making it took because they needed star. Trek Movies into that theory. I called Michael and I said you wanNA write this with me we can do with these guys in upstate. New York and he said sure. And then we start to Georgetown Georgia's House and Sit Down with them in in vining them and I had type of the storyline in three pages. And I said you're brilliant actor not just in another things. I've seen which I mentioned. I said you all you never got the deserve here. It is and I need you to read these three pages right now and tell me. If you'll do this you'll make with me. And he read three pages right there and he said Yeah. I'm in and it was great because you know I think is my favorite star trek character. Really because he's just such a great character such intelligent and competent and loyal great qualities. I wish that they had done the captain soon. After we did one on my than I can Winston Engle and I actually wrote up a captain whose dairy recycle and and outlined a full to our movie and the networks just went the CDs. Just wasn't interested. It was funny. Cbs now on Star Trek to television and because CVS Viacom Paramount. You know and And they just didn't fit in with their business model. Wow you guys just really. Don't get it you know so But I'm glad that I actually generated that that document because of what do series would've been enjoys can't be to work with I. I look forward to working with him again and I really appreciate your time but I can't let you go without saying that many a times I would have the twilight zone companion with me. After watching an episode. I would thumb through that and pick out the different details about the episode. And also what you thought of the episode and it just really made it so much more enjoyable by doing that. Thank you and it was great. It was on the book and You know I'm very glad that I wrote a book about twilights on what was stoppages. Something you know. It's not such quality I mean I recently I did. Fifty commentaries violate them. Blu Ray also produced and sit down and watching them again rash after all these years and it's just finishing. I mean mazing work. And I'm so glad that Rod that show that show and brought Matheson Beaumont and George Clayton Johnson aboard and or Ham nermeen the nominal work and various five. And I go back to twilight zone over just reminded of what possible. And he's just a huge inspiration and Bradbury too. As a matter of fact his is the only episode were Sterling's narration his in it because that's the way Bradbury wrote you know it's real. Yeah Yeah Lane. I talked about What's funny 'cause when when Rod serling sold the twilight when he called Ray and he said I don't know if you're not science fiction and they said come up with the House and I'll I'll teach you came over the house? Ray took him into his basement whereas office was closed. Some books off the shelf one by one of his short story books and by Mattress Bromont when John Collier gave him the Rodney. Read these. And let's talk until Matheson in. Beaumont came aboard twilight zone physically because of of recommending. They were two of his shaved and how that happened and so it was a he raised. Yeah and boy were glad they did. They really added so much to the show and the direction show absolutely phenomenal as far as space command. It'll be a website for that eventually or Space Command. Well they know the stakes command movie. Dot Com which takes you started and and pledge base. Command takes you to the website if you go to started patriots and click through their website. And I think once the once the campaign is over fiscal end movie Dot Com. We'll just either direct line to the website so if one is just used to going that route. Think the right over right over to the website and there's lot of video content and artwork as a concept art and there's a lot of good look at on the website even now great great. That sounds great. Thank you so much for your time mark. And we'll certainly help. Get the word out about this really worthy project. It's going GonNa be a lot of fun for me. The ten year old boy is jumping up and down right now inside of me. So it's GonNa be every day is like my birthday. I really appreciate the opportunity to talk about Tony because he can tell that I really love it. Oh Yeah it's That's that's great. I mean that kind of passion is so necessary. These days In any kind of project. So I'm really glad you've had it for this and also really in your career to do something like this. Thanks.

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