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Yeah, I agree. The last thing I wanted to ask you, Pete to kind of re visit the North Division. How do you believe whoever comes out of that division ultimately will be at a disadvantage when they get to the semifinal when they're forced to play it, a West Division team based on I think some of the cupcakes at the bottom of that of that Canadian division that they played all year like. Do you think the lack of top tier teams in the North Division especially Over the course of the season will come back to haunt them when they are forced to face a Vegas or Colorado in the semifinal. Yeah, well, it's going to come down to the regular season points for how they received the final Four. Um, last I heard, so it's like Whether they're playing any of these teams. Easter West Traditionally, I mean, let's see your face off against Carolina, you failed face off against Colorado or Vegas or one of those You know, strong teams in the East. That is championship caliber, no matter which way you slice it. You're either getting Crosby Ovechkin posture knock and the bad Bruins. Are you getting Barry Trotz and Strong back end of the island or so like they will definitely have a rude awakening. I think as much is like this could be the breakthrough year for Toronto or McDavid's. Do you think that it will eventually come to an end for a team in that North Division? Because it has been the most favorable in my opinion, and statistically as well like defensively has been so much offense, but You know, definitely a cause for concern. The deeper that Canadian teams go this year, so they'll be out the end that long Stanley Cup drought, but I think it's just going to get Really, really tough once they get to the final Four. All right, Well, I'm obligated to ask you, Pete. Who do you like? Who do you think ends up winning the Stanley Cup this year on baby? It's just based on who you believe the road will be for them. Or maybe you just think Colorado's too good and they're the team. I don't know. Give me your prediction and why you think they're the ultimately the team that's going to take it home. So, yeah, the beginning of the season. I had Colorado over Carolina, and I'm sticking to that Colorado with Nathan MacKinnon and Nico Ransom in two of the elite players for a few years now. Nathan McKinnon. Actually, a lot of people probably don't know because everybody's caught up in McDavid's fever. But McKinnon has the fourth best. Career playoff points per game average in history. It's like Gretzky, Lemieux, someone else and McKinnon. So anyway, that's the incredible stat and with Colorado the past two seasons, they made Game seven of the second round couldn't quite breakthrough. One year against the Sharks. They got like a questionable call to go against them last year, lost the tight game in overtime in Game seven against Dallas so and they had a ton of injuries. They were on their third string goalie, so If they're healthy. I think they'll break through in the second round against Vegas this year, and then I think that their defense they hold other teams to 25 shots a game best in the league, so And they got great, great supporting cast great resiliency. They always step up there. One of those teams that steps up when guys air out of the lineup from injuries or covert protocol, whatever it's been this year. Philipp Grubauer is having a career year and in contract here, so just so much to like about Colorado, but they have to be healthy. So that's always a big question. But when you start to nit pick like that, you know you're dealing with one of the church drug or not, so the lead, you know Absolutely, man, Tate Pete. Appreciate you, man. Thank you for the insight. Thanks for making time for us is always man. We really appreciate it. Tell the folks where they could find your work and find you on Twitter and all that good stuff. Syria any chilled Jensen on Twitter NHL fantasy on Ice podcast. We actually dropped a playoff pool preview. If you're in any type of playoff full of players or your bracket challenge. We got one preview episode for that before the Games kickoff for the playoffs tonight with Bruins capitals and then we also have AH sports betting preview as well for for the league, and if you're looking to get involved with stuff like that. I think it's a good introduction for that. So it definitely check out. The two shows of you can connect for the game starter. You know some of the theories don't start till later in the week this coming week so Got some time to check it out. But thanks again for having me on. No, My pleasure, man. Thank you so much. We'll talk again soon and enjoy your weekend, man. You can't appreciate it. Pete Jensen NHL network. They're joining me on the Western Hotline. I've got EJ erratic coming up next. He was on in the morning show earlier this week yesterday to be to be exact. So another NHL network personality will be will be playing back here coming up next year, so.

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