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Generation realtor. And I had the great opportunity to be raised in the real estate family. And I will thank my lucky stars every day. I thank my lucky stars every day. The afternoon to work at the greatest business in the world. Next up. Elizabeth mendenhall the immediate past president of the national association of realtors Elizabeth is the CEO of Remax Boone realty in Columbia, Missouri. This thanksgiving two thousand eighteen what are you most thankful for? Well, it's been an amazing year. I've had the honor this year serving as the president of the national association of realtors, and I'm thankful for all of our relatives across the country who are so generous and who have helped so many homeowners this year and help people at homes, but the other piece about the realtor community is there one of the most giving people that I know and they are leaders in their community. And you know, not everyone is fortunate to have a home. And so we think about this thanksgiving, those who do we think about an hope and pray for those who don't and how we can help them succeed as well. And all of that involves my friends all of. The one point three million realtors across the country who are so committed to making this be a country where everyone can achieve the American dream and also, Tracy casper. NAR's two thousand nineteen vice president of advocacy, Tracy is broker owner of Berkshire Hathaway home services silver, hawk realty in the Boise Idaho area for Tracy being thankful is all about the family. Tell me.

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