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All. That was mark listening to question so we listen to question for these great now simply would you prefer the onnell's ball i to be a before the preliminary phone away kinked or be after the preliminary phone a weekend meeting as a super bowl like two week entrance into the rainfall finished yanni. That's at least question. Three follow by phone will by all lanes on on my answer is. I don't think we're going to be signed. Let's say for rainfall. Absolutely simple because it alleviates any issues with alleviates. Any injuries that could potentially hanging over someone gets concussed. It also allows them to be able to play as well too is so many more benefits than having a list. And you win your first semifinal where you're qualifying you're going to get dime week off game where he golf game one game in twenty one as we had last year we should pre total blight easily. Yeah and i think that's it for the news or audience. Cities sucks not now told them to bring him out new segments. Which is going gangbusters giants we wanting because it just talks about what's been going on with a little bit of the money and link with accounts contracts sigmund.

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