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America we have a country to say that now here's larry elder the pages that controlled might saw and i told you a few years ago a rant you know to luca lake where the owner try to rip off right you remember me now well it's michael moore got him once again all right the great out there if he ice will see you next week with the choi drive by bringing tons of toys nikkei care triple eight triple eight nine one seven to four three i'm having a toy drive at a bmw dealership next week wednesday right and the caller is referring to i have been a couple of years ago my girlfriend and i are buying a christmas tree in the uk greater hollywood area and i made a guy who described himself as an actor and happen to be a fan of the larry elder shell he told me here to keep it on the download because after all being a fan of larry all the shows not exactly gonna get you gigs in hollywood the founder treated i liked he told me sixty bucks so i go up on and he'd also told me by the way that his boss hey my got since boss of the one that operated the the office where he had to pay for the tree so i go up to pay for the tree and the boss charge me eighty dollars when i was told the free will be sixty i pay the eighty and then i decided to mention it to the salesman the actor ironic inning would be done about it but i thought i'd mention it to him and the actor was furious when up to the office uh some heated words exchange i couldn't exactly hear what they were saying but whatever it wasn't with loud and the actor salesman came back with 20 bucks gave it to me so is that uh black privilege or white privilege privilege was at that i benefited from anyway thank you very much for for for calling leaving that message i appreciate it mike is in chicago illinois mike you've got about sixty seconds later on me larry here's here's what i first i would like to applaud you for your habitual use of common sense that is so uncommon the second thing is everyone's trying to give a reader's digest version of this case and and unfortunately what they're doing.

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