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Want show, I wanNA. Be Men are. The reason I is that I know not many people know this. But before you had this amazing career as a speaker and author everything, you had a whole other life as a cabaret singer now because I wasn't ever. Might my talking in between songs was always better than my thing which I took the song. Can. Real housewife of New York who should also take asked. To. To learn that her assignment on planet earth is. Raising a rich. Marianne we cannot thank you enough for joining us all. It was fun to be with you guys. Thank you to all of you. Thank you. It was lovely meeting you this has been so meaningful truly, and we really appreciate you taking the time to share this. Best. Thank you. Thank you so much and you know I have a podcast coming out. Please do tell. Yes and this is the first time I'm I'm saying it publicly. Honored Yeah it. We're GONNA take this weekend. It's going to start next week called. Original title, the Mariam Mussa podcast. You know what would you name like yours? You don't need to do anything. Show remember. It worked from and legs. That and you're just gonNA inch interview all types of people. Yeah. I'm going to probably talk for a few minutes at the beginning answer questions at the end but talking to some really amazing people WanNa talk to Karen Mason and Andrew. Yang at the beginning math high be a non-jury Harare's. Suma, kid John Hall all Nina Turner. Really, it's going to be good. Got Really excited. Wow. Will be listening and all we can say is you know you belong in the bitch that's world you've called yourself a bitch for God and Context. Hey we want to. We'll take it. To this podcast. I agree. The word. Yeah absolutely. Thank you Marianne you're the best. Appreciate it so much. All of you. Thank you so. Please follow Marion Williamson to hear about everything that she's doing. She's on twitter at Mar Williamson. I. Guess Mayor Williams in. An instagram Marianne Williamson, the Youtube Scott Facebook, and she has a new book, a politics of love handbook for a new American revolution, which is Amazon Barnes, and noble bound, and of course, she has an upcoming podcast just so exciting the Marianne Williamson podcasts as we discussed and they start taping this week. So look for it very very soon. Everywhere you get podcasts. Thanks so much for listening..

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