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That round in two thousand fourteen and so what we've done is like when the six miles or so hot we took a six five cream more and we wild candidate down to twenty two caliber and so you start thinking okay well it's like a twenty to fifty well it's actually like a twenty to fifty ackley improved plus about thirty five feet a second yeah so a drain and up with is you're taking seventy five green board and you're running around thirty five hundred feet a second and so were yeah which was awesome about that the question is oh my to twenty swift shoot four thousand what would you got to really look at as you gotta look at the bc the bullet so we're running seventy five green board has a much higher bc than a fifty year running now you're to twenty swift so the two twenty swift leaving the muzzle at five hundred feet of seconds faster that twenty two creamer will still pass it at three hundred yards and deliver about a thousand pounds energy at five hundred yards to keep that accurate we're kind of a twist you have in a borough so we're typically running one and eight twists in that barrel yeah i know a lot of people were playing with it too you're going down as far as the seven and a half because there are a lot of new boards coming on the market in the heavier weight ranges to get the bbc's after the fun thing about it is when you look at the twenty two cream more run fast it's very similar dope two or three hundred alterman which is pretty crazy to think about energy but it has the same drop drip now what you're seeing a lot of guys on the pier s and the competition around a really wanting to shoot that twenty two because the recall is so low in the ballistics or so good now but the problem is a lot of competitions limit the speed that you can run so the best way to accomplish that with the twenty two it's put a heavy bullet with a better be seeing choke the speeds down so now you still get to see impact because the recall so low but you get really good down range performance live is president founder of horizon firearms were just discussing so amazing twenty two create more now like.

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