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Yuck. A reporter with the Scranton times Tribune in Pennsylvania. He says the state went for Trump in two thousand sixteen for one big reason. No question economic they felt like he spoke to their economic needs. If they were as much as the Obama recovery hood, improve the nation and the region, I think that they had not quite felt that and felt a Trump spoke to that very dramatically. The rallies were sight to behold, he spoke your four times twice in Luzern county twice a Lackawanna county, and they were all packed and raucous just like Obama in twenty eight and you did not see that when Clinton inviting came in twenty sixteen they played the game of compressing the crowd to make it look larger than it was. So I remember one particular Friday night where Clinton spoke at a local high school, and I'm not sure why they picked the Friday night to speak and done more Pennsylvania, which was nearby. But you know, they really pushed the. Back fencing toward the stage. There were a couple of hundred people there, but you didn't have the same kind of atmosphere. The Trump rallies they were I had never seen anything like that for Republican. So let's talk about how Joe Biden will be received back in Scranton. He's obviously going to make his growing up there centerpiece of his campaign connection to the working class in the middle class. Are people excited in threatened to embrace him always done very well here? I mean, I think the one big part of the reason that Obama did. So well that wanna county in two thousand eight and two thousand twelve was Biden things we're trending well for the Democrats during those years between awake and sixteen. They had won a lot of state wide races. Lackawanna county was always the second highest percentage in the state for statewide democratic candidates. So that's that was part of it. But the hometown thing really kind of mattered in the whole thing becomes what can you do beyond? How broad is that working class appeal a lot of Democrats are counting on and is that appeal enough? Do you think in a place like Scranton to get him back to the kind of margins we've seen for other Democrats in and around the region? More importantly is going to be what he doesn't Luzern place. Like lizard county will expand. Where it was clear that the Democrats deserted the party in droves. You know, he needs to turn that around. Lackawanna county will be there places like lizard county, word immigration, and the loss of the manufacturing base in Lhasa jobs in decline in the economy had really changed to the terrain their thoughts the place he needs to concentrate places like that because that's wing alone in the vote between Obama and two thousand twelve and Trump in two thousand sixteen accounts for the entire margin in Pennsylvania. I completely concur with you or analysis here that the question of who's turning out. And what part of the state are turning out becomes really important. I think that the Trump campaign believes they can hit those same sorts of numbers in the small towns scattered throughout the state as well as hitting that same kind of support in and around Wilkes Barre and Scranton, do you sense that I don't know some of that enthusiasm that you saw back in two thousand sixteen. Maybe it's faded a little bit is really hard to tell this foreign for still pretty far out. But you know, I have a car mechanic who's I think he's a democrat. I'm not sure if he got to talking about Trump one day, and he said that he's a big Trump supporter, and he said, what's he done wrong? You know, now, you can argue that question, and I'm sure Democrats say lots of things in response to that question. But but in his mind, he doesn't see a compelling reason to. To vote against Trump. So what is that reason why the economy roaring the way it is to vote against Donald Trump and the democratic candidate who could lay out that argument? The best has the best chance of winning that race. If anything the case for Trump is stronger at the moment, and I know a lot of Democrats may not want to hear that. But what is the compelling reason for Donald Trump to lose.

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