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This chance had been playing this weekend. Ah, pretty dicey. Considering another cardinal this now being what eight A cardinal players have tested positive for covert 19 so their game against the Cubs in ST Louis, has been postponed and the weekend Is looking a little dicey, so So so baseball this baseball this week. Another team's had the virus run through the club, and you got a guy doing a Nazi salute. Accidentally twice. Boy. We rob Manfred. What drugs? Does he take to just even out after the day? Because he saw that what you want? Because that's why my dad was an accident. Did it twice. You know what? When I saw that I can see in the woods named Christian Christian Christian bench coach. I just Let's say you do it once, like you'd like social distancing, and then you're like, Keep away from me. And you kind of give the stiff arm high five. So just you just do it right? So you just do it. You would think like a soon as you do it and you see yourself doing it. You'd be like, Oh, God. What am I doing like you'd put your armor. You take a right back. Diego oak, woof! No, don't No, Don't Don't do that to you Can't you can't The fact that he doubled up on it. And again. I'm not saying this guy's a knotty. I'm just saying that This game. I want to study up on history and see what happened about 80 years ago because that was maybe he's like Steven Jackson, and he knows absolutely nothing about Adolf Hitler. The stuff forget that was an actual quote from an actual person in the year 2020 Steven Jackson. I'm paraphrasing, he said. I don't know anything about Adolf Hitler. Damn it. You know what? I was less surprising. You still surprised because I just figure everyone's gonna know about Adolf Hitler. But I was less surprising you because he actually and you love this because you love your music. He actually grew up in the same home town is Janis Joplin didn't know Janis Joplin laws. Yes, he did. He grew up in Port Arthur. Yes, yes. I didn't know we had him on their window goes Janis Joplin, who rob listen gradualist early. What? What? I can't understand that because let's face it. Janis Joplin bounced out of Port Arthur when Chicago San Francisco mid 16 lei sixties whenever it was Stephen Jackson was born. Early seventies, mid 70. No, no, he's born late seventies. So there's an age and also a racial and cultural divide that I could understand, you know, not only being of a certain age and being a black man, but also being from Of these Texas I get it. I get that a dude who was born in the late seventies early eighties. His black wouldn't know who's Janis Joplin is. I get that although you would think that, you know you would get like a card. This is famous people from your hometown. And it would say you and the people, But, you know, maybe that's just maybe that's just a construct that there is a billboard up their Jenna's Joplin's hometown. Yeah, and then on the other side, you know you're leaving Port Arthur, Texas home of Steven Jackson, who, if you get in trouble at the club will pull out his gun. And squeeze off some shots. But you need a bigger milord. If you're gonna put that up, my point is this. I could excuse Steven Jackson for not knowing who. Jenna Jack Janet Jackson, who Jenna's Joplin is I cannot excuse him for not knowing who knows Janet Jackson and Adolf Hitler is I can't let you slide on that man. Now I'm with you. I'm with you on that. And also Kate let you slide on the idea that Nazi salute accidentally not once but twice. Religious lad on that Damn, It's just there's like, No, No, I don't know what the conversations were, like in the clubhouse after you serious. Come on, man. The spots hot enough as it is. What are you doing? Really? But I mean, wow, baseball man. Lucy damn Hills together. She's change. Oh, Sean Jackson is like what? What now? What? Gilbert arenas. He'd come out next game and Jack watches for Gilbert Arenas would do they would do the Nazi salute with both hands at the same time. That's the type of person Gilbert treatment for what he did right when he came out after the whole gun thing. Oh, yeah. Don't remember the introduction that he did the did the lake the handguns with the finger pointing forward Sam Gun. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah, Gilbert, which it was great, but not is good. Jazz, and I forget the situation. But remember when Ah, it was either it was either Steven Jackson. Or was it Matt Barnes, But after a pre game in a row, became introductions before Warrior game and whoever it was, I think of Steven Jackson. The team petted him down as if they were searching for weapons. That right there. That's a top notch troll. I enjoyed the hell out of here. Pat down. It's nice, not knowing who hit there is Not nice. Not that that that that nice really nice. Nice. Not nice. Not nice. Not nice twice. Somebody's definitely no. Yeah, yeah. Figure guns. We call with that. Not gonna work in your favor, but put funny, but good stuff. Dude such a mass, e hell gets 10,000 ballots and vote for themselves for the All Star game who puts a gun in front of a guy in the locker room? Say, Pick one Meet with Gilbert Arenas, Alba and I'm pretty sure until these stories if we have time But who brought? Fitzgerald said it about a stroll My former talkshow husband Tell me some of the best Gilbert Arenas stories many of them I cannot tell, and they're all just 115% Gilbert Arenas all they're so good. Just just I mean, Having a snowball fight on the team bus. Only Gilbert Arenas, man. Yeah, only good because that takes planning. You've got to get the snowballs. But you gotta make the snowballs put him together. Put him in a bucket, bring it onto the bus to engage in a snowball fight Gilbert Arenas. The man's literally, Peter Pan. I mean, years old just for me. I grew up with millions of dollars at his disposal. Ah, Ah! You know what Donald play with him? I don't think you're taking a dive. He had to have the Donald's there forever. He had to have played with Gilbert. I looked that up, but maybe we got it down to play with And we got shit. We need a Donald for Gilbert Arenas story. Donna foiled by the way he will be joining us. Ah little bit later on in the show, Donald's one of our favorites. But he was definitely a favorite of the late great Ralph Barbieri, who passed away earlier this week. So ah, Donald want to come on and on and share some Ralph memories and pay his respects in? Of course, we are all about that Met Naoko. Our Niner insider will join us at the bottom of the hour on this August 7th, 87 Dwight Clark Day. Jeremy Affeldt joins us at four o'clock Bruce Jenkins at 4 30 for Han Zaidi, Giants executive at five in the aforementioned Donald Boyle at 5 30 October. Rod Brooks happy Friday to you all here, I can be out of the sports leader. Knbr 1045 and six. 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