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Prisoners. You don't want them around the house rattlesnakes? But I don't want them around, of course. But then I say what do you do after what he says? I just pick them up and drove over the woods dead. You know, a bird elite. No, right. Okay. Going to waste. All right now. What did you do in your last birthday? What what was your last birthday? Like birthday was in Los Angeles, August twenty seven I don't love birthday. So I stayed home with Richard jock my mother. My sister came over. We all Keiko is very quiet family celebration. Good good good. Good Twitter, by the way. My mother lives in Los Angeles. Wonderful and my sister. That's great. So you have a family. That's really cool. I do jackets to see these few said. So he yeah. We have a good family disciplined person. I'd so admire that, so what do you eat for breakfast and lunch for breakfast this morning? I had some raisin brand. But I got up to thirty. I worked out. I just get on a treadmill usually stretching exercise than I had some raising Brown and a gigantic coffee to Beth got Jack up drinking gigantic iced coffee right now for lunch. Sushi pretty much every day for dinner, officiant vegetables, and some sort. And in between that by the way. I'll eat a doughnut or two or. A couple of cheap candy bars. Absolutely. Create based diet, but then a little bit of Joe. Okay. We're gonna go to Woodward's, and you try to answer it when word if you can't. Oh my God. One word is really hard for me to talk. All right glamour. It's funny. Somebody asked me about that word one word. So I'll have to come back to that the other day, and it's worth that. I don't use very much. So I'll just say, gene, Tierney sexy. Oh, that's a hard one. Do these in one word a sentence? A sentence. Sexy. No someone who's comfortable with themselves. Good good Jagua, the animal, not the car. But that e type from the sixties one of those beautiful cars ever can't. We talk about that. Instead. Yes. Yes. Okay. Talk about that a black Jaguar you like the most beautiful cars, ever invented. It's so damned tiny though. And of course, the mechanics aren't what they are today. But it's so beautiful. Okay. I think it has to be actually my favorite car at the entire world seats, cotton linen. I don't like Lenin sheets. They they make your elbows red, scratchy. I don't understand Lennon sheets at all. Okay. Elephants. Something I just think about all the time on day. I have no idea L offense. I don't think about Alvis. There's a story. I reject about a purple elephant. I guess maybe that's the purple elephant ball the story above other Fritz? Well, there is that story about purple elephant come to stay vulgar. Vulgarity? Wow. Arrogance. I think is great. That's great tightness as time. This the strangest from Tennessee kindness is something we all should have. And something I always try to have. I think empathy is is kindness for me. I mean, you have to empathize with people to be truly kind Betty true. Sheikh love. Thin longed. What were just giving us through? I love Betty ca true. That's hard hard breath. Hard that is brilliant golf goal. Golfo eight used to have such good clothes. When I was young. And then I was going to play golf again about ten years ago. And I went out to buy, you know, new golf shoes and everything I was just was appalled at what all looks like now. Yeah. Golf while golfing? A while. I think it's a great sport, actually, especially good older because you can walk. You can talk and think I mean when I was young I used to walk talk thinking drink, but now I don't drink anymore. Bianca Jagger, white and suit Beja marvelous. Marvelous buoy bays soup. Boulia is, yuck. I hate to rebrand the great tooth polish. Jeff koons. Balloon dog. Thank you lovely. That was a wonderful wonderful. This is fascinating with Tom for it. And it's the most fascinating conversation of having a longtime invokes podcast. I'm realtime that you call today. Thank you so much a few final questions,.

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