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Tiffany Hayes being expected to be in angel cartridge in new situations in. So there was some growing up that Atlanta definitely had to do, but there's no reason why moving forward this team can't make it to the finals. But I do think angel has to be a part of it. Like I have always respected what she brings to a team, but even more so you know, as I've spent more time with teams in playoff scenarios and these past few years being a been a big part of the coverage in the finals, you have to have an angel McCaw tree on your team. I had a green. I'm on the opposite side of that. We had a best friend battle. Diana terrar-, sue bird to future hall of famers best WNBA XV ever seen, but somebody had to lose somebody had to lose in for me. I noticed that Seattle had been given Phoenix the business all year. I don't know what it was about this team, but all year long and we kinda talked about that a little earlier. When we had to avoid on the show like, hey, you guys have really been able to to to be a giant killer this particular year against them. So now you know, we're heading into this winter. Take all game five. Diana Terachi is undefeated in winner, take all games. And so there was a record on the line, but it just seemed like Subas determination was like, listen, you my best, but this is bigger than us. So fourth quarter comes game five. She's scores fourteen of her twenty two points in the last five minutes stew. We had a game high twenty eight points just why was the storm able to to really stabilize this Phoenix team and they were able to do so when like critical moments in that entire series. But specifically in game five, I felt like I knew at that moment that Seattle was going to win the entire thing, no matter who they faced, how how about you? Oh yeah. But what I would say that look at what sue bird had to do for them to get past Phoenix. That was really the w. NBA finals. I think once the ATL was done and I'm not speaking for their team, but just in watching, I think once they be Phoenix, they rely who we've got. No, right. Right, right. Because they knew I mean, Elena Delle Don was not at full tilt and Washington has nowhere near the experience that Phoenix does..

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