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No this one I like the accident. So definitely it's like a B plus for me, but like still we're spending our wills will leave them. I part penguin tells doubt man rollin once Baynes to finally. Hall of records. The whole. But yeah to face had Kearns at the whole records or debt news going on. What? Says Gorz coal and he's a little busy right now under siege. In a bathroom. That's what the kids. Penal have. Oh, wait history month toy at this point. Yeah. Oh, yeah. I haven't said that we arguing earn name until he in the woman TV show. Yes. So you know, you can still actively bring back before the vet. 'cause that man missing about women, though, they're there for extra work for Phillip. I mean, we told you we can rotate our shows. Yeah, we do that. I don't care about that one. Welcome to say if we wanted to keep doing more before the bat, you know, we could do besides about women's stuff. If you if well. How? We can do it here. But I was gonna say we can always do like a bunch of legends of the dark Knight issues oil, you know. Animated series. That's true. Yeah. Or you know, brave the bowl, which has literally become our favorite. Well, second favorite listening. You hear way animated series Christie ever. Or bunch of Batman beyond. Yes. I'm so. Guys want more about man. Commentary. Yeah. You guys want a lot more Batman content. Email us capes Olympics dot com. A good Batman kind. Yes. That that foot? That's right. Yeah. Definitely solid me. Plus. Yeah. In the plot thickens. It's like leaping. Leave beta loan. They have to keep to face getting wench. And. Hagan as face to be bigger than what he ever turned out to being. Well. Wow. I'm spinning their wheels on him too. 'cause like. Like. Knowing that say like. Said in a few weeks. We're gonna be getting a big to face story. Now. That's good. But yeah, right now. All. Sports facing? They really don't we're gonna get. We're gonna get to face verse. Harvey dent in court. What Kate you ru court? That's the. But yeah, so DNA let Bain blow up the whole record Robbins like wide. You will find out soon. Dear not man Bena. No reason Troy the city's records, but someone did. And I have a feeling they're out to dip into the light. Like, literally. TV on the bag of sound effects. They should they should like you just like give some punch. Some L words like we shouldn't have to wait too long. Sivvy's at..

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