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Price no door busters sales to get you into the store retailers have us right where they want us too late for online shopping so people like bobby showing up to polish off their christmas list taken up nathan things that people off a gatt or a you know just walking up and down the aisle and is trying to figure out the here's the thing they casoni that aca hits them by wild day is expected to be very busy at stores those who showed up early were rewarded with small crowds and short lines in south philadelphia mike dougherty kyw newsradio u s his stepping up support for an ally on russia's border the administration has approved a plan to send a range of lethal weaponry to ukraine including javelin antitank missiles these are meant to counter tanks manned by russianbacked separatists occupying eastern ukraine so far the us has only provided support equipment and training with private companies selling rifles and other small arms the state department says the weapons will help ukraine defended sovereignty and deter further aggression russia will not be pleased by the move larry miller cbs news a fired a london zoo who is taken a deadly toll an aardvark was killed and several of mere cats are missing a number of zeus staffers have also been treated for shock and smoking relations the popular zero s l london zoo was been closed as fficials look for caused the blaze which was centered in a session which attracted a lot of chill kyw news time 406 now the eyewitness weather five day forecast rain will end early this evening that'll be followed by clearing skies and a low temperature dropping to thirty seven degrees tomorrow christmas eve cooler with a mix.

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