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Century county health director Adrian Byrne says there has been some confusion when it comes to testing or swapping for the coronavirus what we actually do is swab people so when you hear or read that grace mad or clinic or Wesley or city county health department is testing it means that we're actually swapping people and then sending them off to the labs where they actually that test the specimens anyone who believes they may have come in contact with someone who has covered nineteen or anyone who believes they have the symptoms themselves it has to call two one one the United Way the planes nine helping to keep America's hands clean manufacturers across the country are retooling to produce medical supplies during this coronavirus crisis like the folks who make moves with casinos closed in Nevada for the pandemic several distilleries in that state or taking all that unused ethanol they've got stored up in combining it with aloe Vera and other chemicals and turning it into hand sanitizer this is good for all who are fighting the virus and for those who've been laid off from the whisky biz so three cheers for seven troughs the depot Verity local distillery and Damon industries they're all doing their part one thing that they're in short supply of however containers to put it in Michael Moberly a for Reno distillery says all the plastic bottles in the country are gone cared McCue fox news a delivery man has lost his job after behaving strangely an Amazon delivery driver is being accused of spitting on his hand and wiping it on a package which he dropped off at a home in California it was apparently caught on camera the recipient says he noticed the package was wet so he checked his ring doorbell camera and saw the delivery man spit and wipe it on the box this as the deadly coronavirus grips the country an Amazon spokesperson told the unhappy customer that driver is no longer make in deliveries Christine Persichetti fox news okay this has used time now seven ten ten minutes past seven.

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