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Come on she's what movies this across the yellow river us you know god no wherever where it's like just the world's worst musical it's so bone chillingly terribly there wasn't he also in that movie one day or something like that as do that movie falcons sucks our daughter sandar what what a snow order what is that it's like him in an hathaway they're like starcrossed lovers this that and the other thing and then it's like a totally fine charming romantic movie and then she gets parking drilled by a car at the end you you manipulative shit movie all i got steamed in the inner that new cars drill you know what needs to be retired in this role for jim sturgis it it's his tran haircut yet it is i god that isn't regulated up it looks fucking awful if his trademark fashion mullet which is had through all of these terrible movie as you're absolutely right and in and this one he's supposed to be the buttoned up brother like gerard butler does the science and he does like the business or whatever but he's like all i know how to talk to these people i mean is that all your such as the trick wouldn't get a fucking haircut kid all right yeah it also your thirty something the fashion mullet is closed for business did anybody else to see an episode of that show with him and david schwimmer oh steve and i were talking about this the other day wasn't valley the beast or some his is something like something of the fbi just feed the beefy viag wild once it call.

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