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A great day to get out and support local 49th and pen is one of those, uh, wonderful little places in the middle of Meridian, Kessler. It's just a great place to become on out and see, Uh, Bill Ville, which is one of the best greenhouses in central Indiana, and they don't forget to say hello to Fred, the the governor or the mayor of 49th and Pan. It's a nice place pass. Yeah, you know, well, we should have strolled over to the governor's mansion. Knock on the door, So yeah, see his own? I don't know. He's pretty defensive right now towards wi bc against us. We're we're home and garden were first words were harmless bodies. Harmless were buddy. Uh, all right, So the computer here I think is overheated. My computer and my phone is overheated. So it's only 103. Kevin is our in our It's so hot. I can't touch the keypad. So Kevin is back in our studio, and Kevin is going to smartly tell us who's up next and also put them on the air. Hey, Kev. Yeah, we have Jack up next, Jack, be Jack. I've been waiting for his copy all afternoon. Hey, Jack. Good morning. Let me let me start off. I'm trying to help this veteran And here's the situation. He's 75 years of age. Can't drive can't afford to buy an air conditioner is air conditioner went out when the air conditioner And do my question is, do you know of any organization that can help him? Uh, he has very limited income. And someone would have to put it in for him and the people that I know like myself. 82 years old kind of can't do that. But is there any organization that can help him? Do you know of You know, I I do know that, Uh, first of all, let me say this about some of the portable air conditioners. They have a unit now where no longer is that the so heavy that you have to balance in a window That actually is just a unit that sits on the floor and then an exhaust goes, so there are a lot. There's some units that are way easier to use. So that would make it pretty easy for anyone if you can find them in the store, and I know the Marion County Health Department of its Marion County considers an air conditioner out to be an emergency situation so you might see there. Uh And if not, you know what? Just email me at pad at W I b c dot com and we'll see if we can help. You don't have an email. I'm sorry. You know I don't either Stop, not and I was just saying, Well, here's the thing. Let's let's start Simple for 20 bucks. You can get a good fan. And if you get the windows open, and you you can get some air moving. At least it's tight. Where does he live at? Can I? He lives. He lives that on Chester, South Chester Do you want to just find I wanted? I didn't want to put the address on because people will tell you what Here's what we're gonna do. We I'm going to put we're going to put you on hold. Kevin is going to get your number. So this is South. Chester's that I might give me an area of town Is that South Side It's outside. Yes, right off of Sherman. Okay, and so right off, Sherman, So let's we're going to put you on hold will get your number. And if someone can help with getting a window air unit or know some information And then Kevin will pass that along to you. I really appreciate that very much. Thank you. All right. Well, thanks for looking out for your neighbor. 239 93 93 is a number. Uh up next, Kevin, we have I went to the computer. It's not there anymore. Too hot. Yeah, well, let me check here. Looks like we have Joe up next. All right. Hey, Joe. Hey, guys. Um, However interesting situation. Um, I I have Have several, um, still there? Kevin. Kevin, Turn off your mike, will you? Sorry. Hold on. Kevin's got his mic on and he's answering phones. This is going on. Yeah, he does When he gets the speed round, Okay, Joe, go ahead again. Sure. Okay, So I have several burning bushes planted alongside my house. Okay, And, uh, they've gotten they've gotten really, really big. So, uh In April before they had leaves on them. I, uh from the back, but I kind of overdid it to the point where basically they were just a bunch of look like broom handles sticking up out of the ground. Right. Well, they're coming in. Okay, But the problem I'm having is since they were so big before I never mulched underneath them. But now I'm getting like crazy. Coming up of all these small burning Bush shoots all over place. The question I have is Can I can I just cut all that back or do something without damaging bushes that I have? All right, So the chutes that are coming up? You should just hit him with just just hit tap them with a little bit around up. If you can cut a mute, they're going to start growing because that problem is it stimulates growth, and then you'll get like a thicket of those. Those little, Uh, so that's what that's kind of what I have. Now these shoots that are coming up for probably about a foot to two ft. Tall and a little thicker than a pencil. Yes, just spray him. Just give him a little squirt around up. It will not hurt. It won't hurt the burning bush. You can't kill a burning bush. I I don't even think napalm will take out of her want only than one. They're all related. They're all related. After after I do that, and they're and they're all dead and they're down If I just put a fabric down there with a bunch of mulch. Is that going to keep them from coming back up? Probably not. What? Eventually you'll even out as the growth goes to the As the plant rejuvenates itself. It'll even out than those will stop. It's the same thing you get when you when you completely cut something down the root system just reacts and starts putting up. You know, those suckers start popping up everywhere so, but he wants the plant kind of gets back to its normal growing pattern. I think you'll see it stop. And and just one other quick thing is, If I take those effect you're saying don't cut the suckers because more will grow right if I cut them and then treat them with ground up. Will that help? Because they're pretty big and No, Because you the roundup needs to go through the issue tissue. Okay. And then, uh, any kind of generic round up or do I have to get like a brush kind of round up Get you can get anything and get a glass of fate. You can get brush killer Roundup. Any of it will will work. And once they show that the that they're starting to die, then you can trim it back. But you want that to be absorbed by the tissue get down to the root system, and that will stop that from from growing anymore, But But after you spray it, it's going to kill it. But give it a little bit of time before you trim off all those little stocks that one of the bushes then right So after after I trim them down, man, My wife's really kill me. And if those bushes day I'm a dead man. No, You're not. You be good. You be good, Joe. Thanks for the call. We appreciate it. She might still kill you for another reason, but it ain't going to be for burning bushes are number 239 93 93. So after the show, we're at 49th and 10. I am headed up to Keystone for a a little get together. It's a fundraiser. For the Little Timmy project, and that is being put on by Bobby and Sheila Roberts, who lost their baby Gracie Roberts at 38 weeks, So the money goes to the little Timmy project. And it's a local, just a really small local organization nonprofit organization, and they provide support and advocates for pregnant women in our community. They connect women, uh, needs it could be anything. Diapers, prenatal vitamins, formula safe sleep kits..

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