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Like i get it but at the same time you also have to optimize on the value to the business so in the sdr roll the ultimate value. That you're bringing is pipeline and you don't again speaking you've not controlling outcomes because you have zero control over whether or not somebody then closes that opportunity and marais closed one status like well. That's completely out of your control. But you do certainly control your contribution to pipeline right. That was one thing that i was always confused on. Because like i kept track of my pipeline on every client i worked for. That's awesome for operatic just because it was a personal thing for me like oh cool at this meeting. What did it turn out to be like. That was a motivator for me is like what is the value of the meetings that i'm setting and that's like win. I saw a big number values being attributed to meetings that i was setting for these clients like that was an extrinsic motivator. It was like oh cool. Like i'm doing a good job these meeting the way. I'm explaining these meetings. And the people that have contacting are the right people and obviously there's big valuations for the projects that they're needing help with so it was like all right. Well i'm going to go after more accounts like this. And this person if that account because obviously the track record that i'm seeing is these accounts have large valuations tied behind these projects. These are the right people to talk to you. So let's go find more like meetings and it just made it easier to hone in on more relevant prospects. that's fantastic. What are you most proud of. The fact that i am no longer a twenty year old kid bent on having a desk job. Like if you ask my girlfriend one thing that i always said in my early twenty s. Because i'm twenty eight now which is still young. I guess i feel old. But whatever when i was in my twenties i told my girlfriend very specifically that i never wanted to have a desk job.

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