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So, you know, in many ways your company is a little bit of a bridge between the world of cloud communications really kind of commercial cloud communications, which the CCA works a lot on, and the world of consumer communications. I would agree, yeah, we are a good bridge between us too. And with that in mind, you recently posted on LinkedIn, some really interesting thoughts you basically wrote an article called the four pillars of safe voice communications. Briefly, what's that all about? Yeah, so what that's all about is recognition that there's more than just one or two things that are required to stop unwanted robocalls. And when I say stop on one of robocalls, I don't just mean labeling them so that consumers don't answer them or at least they have an advisory that if they do answer one of those types of calls that it could be a concerning situation where somebody is maybe trying to scam them. And really looking towards the change in paradigm, and this is what emails really focused on is to actually stop the bad actors to not only stop traffic from certain carriers that may be inadvertently enabling them, but also in some cases to find the bad actors and have them removed from networks if that's appropriate to do so. So let me start with sort of a big question. And that is this voice even have a future. Second question, Doug. I mean, it's a very rhetorical question, obviously, and I would say as a short answer, yes, but I would have to caveat that because obviously you and I both go back quite a ways date ourselves and we start having some more dialog here, but voice has changed a lot over the years. How have you seen a change just in your own experience, Doug?.

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