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So while we're is advocating police decide to diversify their search a little so in addition to searching to me. 'cause records law enforcement is also going through jane doe reports in local hospitals to see if anyone matches to me 'cause description they don't get any hits from the hospitals but they do get this weird like a little bit of a leap because what they decide to do. Is they decide to go back and start listening to nine. One one calls. That came through around the time to make a disappeared and on one of these calls. Police here something shocking This episode is made possible by best feeds when you finish binging the latest riveting podcast on your list. There's always one lingering question staring you in the face. now. I'm sure you could deep dive down the wikipedia wormhole researching everything related to the case or the show and honestly who hasn't done that. But when your brain or your browser tabs are full to the brim it might be time to take a load off. And that's when. I like to clear a few levels on best fiends. Once i started. I couldn't put down best fees. It's like the perfect mix of challenge and kind of mindless play. So i can turn off my brain a little but still feel entertained and still feel like i'm doing something productive. There are more levels. More events and challenges added all the time which means you don't have to choose between binging and boredom in fact you might find yourself wondering how you ever found the time for a moment before download best beans free today on the apple app store or google play. That's friends without vr. Best beans sometime before to make it was reported missing. A man called nine one one and said his brother killed his girlfriend. I haven't been able to find the full call anywhere but. Npr has a snippet on their website. So let me play for you. Brother change my habits. Homey a clear late the audio audience. Obviously kind of fuzzier jumbled or something that he say cleave partly. I think it's actually cleveland park so officers when they realize that this call came in around the time she goes missing. they hurry out to cleveland. Park with cadaver dogs die team to search the lake for any signs of tamika. As good as this lead. Seems it's no use. There's nothing in the lake and not just nothing belonging to to mita. There's nothing belonging to any woman that this caller was talking about having been putting the lake k. So what was this. Call just like a hoax. I don't know the caller didn't give a name. And i wasn't able to find out if it ever got traced or or what happened with this. Basically all the i can find relations to cases like it wasn't related to her the end but just then when investigators are starting to wonder if basically have to start back from square one they get a new tip that changes everything on june twentieth about a week after two meek is reported missing the spartan police get a call from a woman who says she knows where they can find to make us car. What yeah she says at the barksdale apartments which is across town from to meek his house and when police get out there in look there it is a black nineteen ninety one honda. Crx just like they're looking for residents at the barksdale. Say the car's been there for about three weeks right in line with went to make disappear but they tell police that the only started to pay attention after they heard that she'd gone missing on the news so police ended up confirming. It doesn't just look like her car. Yes this is her car and so they start combing it for clues. There's no sign of a struggle. It doesn't look ransacked her anything. The only bit of forensic evidence they can get from it is a partial fingerprint. The car isn't a total debt. End though because according to josh wink which is reporting for nbc news. They also find a set of keys laying on the passenger seat floor. Some of the keys. Look like hockey's Like house keys. It's pretty standard stuff. Nothing like jumps out right away. But here's the thing about those keys though when police test them onto meekest stuff. Her house car family stuff. They don't work. They don't go to her car. They don't go to her house. Wait so they aren't to make his keys exactly. They had to have belonged to whoever moved her car. The problem is police. Have no way of finding out who this person is now. Of course the first person they try to look at is toronto who is their main suspect. But the keys. Don't open any of his things and the partial print that they do have from car doesn't belong to him either so without any fingerprints on these keys. There's almost nothing unique about them to say where they've come from. Who cut them or what they match up to. The only clue police have on. These keys is a four digit code engraved on the top of one of that and the code says a one four k. Are you gonna tell me what that stands for. Well at the time police don't know and so to find out the spartanburg police decide to go talk to the people who will know local locksmiths. They take these keys all over the city hoping that whoever made it will be able to look up this four digit code in their records and be able to say you know who made the keys for or let complex. He's four and i did like a thirty second glance at wikipedia about he making girl. It's a long shot to me. Like a yeah. I don't know how they plan to make that connection. But.

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