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And do you mind sharing a little bit more about the book, you wrote that's fiction that actually is designed to help people understand some of these concepts at the the book, you're describing Juliet school of possibilities is a time management fable. So it's a novella. I've written a lot of books with time management, tips and strategies thinking different ways about how to spend our time. But realized over the years that people really like stories MRs tends to be a way that people remember instruction in in. That's why people come up to me after speeches and tell me about a story. I told like nobody comes up and says. Yeah, that that statistic you had on slide for was life changing for me, not the way people remember their information. So I wrote a story about a young lady an ambitious consultant named Riley one of those people going to client sites by the way, Monday through Thursday. She's newly and management and. Her life is falling apart. You know, she's dropping the ball left and right in her personal life, which might be fine. If her career was going great. But it isn't because she's doing the exact same thing in her professional life, dropping all sorts of balls because he's just reacting to whatever is urgent in right in front of her. And she's gotten ahead over the years by just doing everything doing more than anyone else. But at some point once you're managing lots of teams, you can't just do everything you have to think about what's most important to do. And she really has no capacity to do that. And so we're life is falling apart company gives her and ultimate him thirty days. She's out in the course of this. She goes to a weekend retreat at a little place called Juliet school of possibilities. And there she meets this mysterious mentor figured him. Juliet who's running a sprawling business empire is a single mom of two girls. And yet is also, you know, the calmest person she has ever met despite all she has on her plate in the course of the weekend, Juliette explained to Riley, why this is and shows Riley two different visions of her life kind of like a Christmas, Carol based on different choices Riley might make about how she spends time in. So we hope that Riley emerges from this Cristobal with with new ideas for how to choose well in terms of how she chooses how to spend her time. So interesting I'm actually excited to pick it up one of the reasons that I'm doing this podcast is to help younger women in particular who are maybe much earlier in their careers or still in college..

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